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    Challenge modes as Resto shaman.

    Hello! I've got some questions regarding healing challenge modes as a resto shaman. I've done all challenge modes before on my mistweaver and my holy paladin but as this is the first time I'm playing resto shaman since WOTLK I'd like to ask for some tips and tricks on how to do effective healing and put out some dps if possible.

    We won't go for the best times but we'll go for golds. (All of us has boosted challenge modes before so tacticts and tricks inside the challenge modes is not what I'm asking for.
    Like just general resto shaman healing advice, which glyphs should I for and what's the stat priority.

    Thanks in advance! Regards, Loucy.

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    go elemental.

    End of Story.

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    Done all as resto back at the start of last tier.

    Healing is generally not the hard part, since you can just healing surge bomb the tank every pull with quick mana breaks while the next pull is taking place.

    So what it comes down to:
    • Positioning. You generally want to be standing right on top of the tank for the reasons described below, which means you will need to have better drinking timing than other healer classes. Ghostwolf.
    • Rotating cooldowns (between SLT/Ascendance/HTT you have something for pretty much every pull since you don't need them on bosses). SLT is why you keep on the tank.
    • Capacitor totem is the best thing ever. Coordinate the stuns with the tank/aoe silences. Use call of elements.
    • You have a very reliable interrupt. Usually I interrupted the target that was being killed last.

    As for actual healing - mana efficiency doesn't really matter, so you can just burn through with riptide+healing surge, some instances warrant healing rain.
    Gear: 871 haste (be mindful of downscaling) + Ancestral Switfness, Max spirit, crit/mastery are equal.
    Talents: just general cookie-cutter http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/tool/tal...a!210101!IbeOP
    Glyphs: Fire ele for bigger uptime (and use it on CD on every pack), Capacitor in some instances, Healing wave/healing stream totem/totemic restoration (can't go wrong with either of those).
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    Blindlad, thank you for the tips, I appreciate the help.

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    Take a strong, good look at Totemic Projection. Projecting capacitor totem (crucial skill to use, as mentioned above) can be very helpful. Projecting Spiritlink if you have a melee in your group will work effectively as a tank cooldown in emergency situations (since SLT will dip into the melee's health pool).

    About cooldowns: there's 4 of them, basicly. SLT is one, best kept for emergencies, can also be used to spread tank damage onto entire group and then you can chainheal/HR to be mana efficient. Prime example would be Trial of Yangoul in Temple of Jade Serpent. HTT and Ascendance are straightforward, nothing to explain, aditional throughput. Last, but not least, is Primal Elementalist-infused Earth Elemental. He is AMAZING at relieving your tank from some pressure. Just talk with whoever is tanking your CM, make him tell you when he needs some help and send the Ele there. He can tank surprisingly much.

    Last tip, concerning CD's - dont just wait for them to be needed. PLAN AHEAD. These are timed runs, you should be arriving at all junctions at +/- the same time, every time. You can plan at which hard trash pack/boss you might need what CD, when will they be up etc. It will help your mana/survivability a lot. If you forge a solid list of what-to-use-when, then augment it with proper Manatides here and there, you won't have to sit down to drink more than once.

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    As mentioned above Totem Projection is very strong, numerous of circumstances won't allow for you to be in melee range to drop Capacitor Totem so TP becomes superior to CotE. Coordinate with your dps when the most effective time to use Stormlash Totem and make sure you're getting in as many as possible. Earthbind Totem can be very strong as well, just be careful to not get someone insta-gibbed with it. Don't default to using the glyph for Fire Elemental totem, there are some CM's where iit can be a loss in total uptime.

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    If you are running with say a boomkin or a shadow priest, I would consider going Ele and letting the druid or especially the priest (Disc is godly in challenge modes) heal. Since the Chain Lightning buff a couple of patches ago, Ele is single handedly the most overpowered DPS spec for challenge modes.

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    Recalling Totems before it expires for 35% mana return (I use Glyph of Totemic Recall for 100% mana return).

    Grounding Totems are your friend for many instances including the resin stun in the beginning of Siege, Guardian's stun ability after second boss in SH, and some other hard hitting spells.

    I think everything else is covered already.
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