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    Warrior healing spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baine View Post
    Scenarios are fine. People get bored of running the same 2 dungeons during content tier. Geez people have no memory. So the hell to dungeons during patchs cycles.
    Your argument is so half-assed it makes my brain hurt.

    "People get bored of the same dungeon over and over, so were going to make more, much smaller dungeons that are also easier that you will run EVEN MORE TIMES OVER and get more and more bored of."

    Thats your and Blizzards argument.......its fucking stupid. Id rather have more dungeon, with more bosses hence more chance at gear and more points earned. Scenarios never offer a legit way to gain gear, points or anything really for that matter. Thats why they tell you to hit 90, go to Isle of Thunder, spam those quests and dailies and then do dungeons till you can raidfinder.

    They themselves know scenarios are a lost cause and offer nothing to people so they tell you to just bypass them. They need a good medium between the two. Scenarios are good to play out events and tell story, they do a great job of that. But dungeons do a much better job at ending those stories and adding closure to things and also at leading into bigger things like raids and other, harder dungeons later on.

    I enjoy scenarios but not as much as they try to push them, like I said, I think they should still have dungeons but scenarios as well. But then they would just argue they dont have the man power, but they could work out a comfortable balance if they tried iam sure.

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    Some stuff we've been talking about:
    Allow normal and heroic raids to Flex, do away with Flex as a difficulty of its own
    Allow LFR to be played at Normal and Heroic difficulty as well, with gear checks and for Heroic, you had to have completed Normal
    Better/More incentives for guild raiders/BGers; currency that can be used to level alts, profs, reps
    Add either Healer or Tank roles to the existing DPS classes
    The tearing down of factions-Horde and Alliance would work together vs. common enemy, i.e., Burning Legion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drilnos View Post
    New mercenary race: Ethereals
    New class: Warp-Tinker

    Competing to open the secrets of a long-lost Titan waygate, rival teams of gnome and goblin engineers stumble through and find a world under heavy assault by the Burning Legion. The ragged remnant of an Ethereal syndicate are pinned down, weary from wave after wave of attacks. Infernals smash against the force fields. The perimeter cannons are choked with the corpses of slain Gan'arg. The parties from Azeroth quickly choose a side and turn the tide of the battle, repurposing Titan and ethereal technology to craft weapons of devastating power. Triumphant, they return through the waygate, and each Ethereal chooses a faction to support in the coming battles with the Legion. In the meantime, they impart their mechanical knowledge to their rescuers, resulting in a new breed of Tinker.

    Ahhh...I can dream.
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    Model revamps, an expansion heavily tied to the Burning Legion, and new race(s) that are not Ogres/High Elves.

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    Am I the only on the wants a new capital city? hasn't been a new one since WotLK (well you can argue about the new orgrimmar, but it's not really a new capital, the layout is the same with the exception of a door to Azshara) when I saw MoP had a new continent I was thrilled to explore the new Shattrath/Dalaran, instead we got crappy excuse for a capital city, also since BC no new race got a capital city so instead of Orgrimmar/Stormwind housing 2 races, they now houses 4 each... and it makes their bosses useless (I for one don't give a damn about the gobelin or worgen boss I don't even know where they are, and I don't even know if the Pandaren have a boss...)

    make a new race for each side and a capital city for that race, it will encourage raiding capital cities again... haven,t seen an organized raid since Cata on my server...

    of course they need to make it easily accessable and it need to have everything old capitals have, or it'll turn in another Silvermoon/darnassus/Exodar/undercity/thunderbluff

    I also want them to stop adding new instance to Caverns of time, the idea was nice at first, but now there is just too many...

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    How about an heroic race : your character starts lv 55 whatever would his class be (except DK) but forces you to level up this class in order to unlock it as an heroic race - in any other realm. As for the class in itself, I'm not sure I would really mind as long as it can have a racial that competes with the others - people that master the lore should answer this but please, not a Naga nor these creatures that are just... :s .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    what?? Flex is going to be next big thing in WoW. Thats exactly what people from casual guild wanted.
    Negative. Flex raiding would be perfect for my guild... if it were Normal/Heroic difficulty. See, we clear normal, then struggle with attendance on Heroic. Like tonight. Tonight we'll probably either give up or raid it normal because some key players are going to be missing.

    We'd love to use Flex... but Flex yielding less-than-normal gear is worthless to us.

    But hey it's a start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    A real ranged rogue spec. Nah... but I can wish right?

    That would be cool, but how would they differentiate that spec from other ranged classes?

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    other then ofc new zones/world, raids etc I think we can be pretty sure about the updated models is done for the new expansion, maybe a new race or 1 for horde and 1 for alliance. I don't really know more what they could have come up with. Lets see at blizzcon this year( or earlier)

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