This new idea will increase a players sense of self adventure giving value for what ever it is he wants to do and what ever it is he wants to try.

There will not be any ceremonious RP island or some lengthy quest line to introduce you to your own desires (duh), the only thing you need is curiosity and a head thats been having thoughts for several years.

This first idea will allow players to click on certain parts or things and allow them to harvest them any time they want as long as their target is dead, inanimate, and the ridiculously heavy, or some other factor like that.

For example:

-Elf Ears
-Troll Tusk
-Orc Tusk
-Cactus Apples
-Normal Apples
-Salt Water
-Random debris
-Quail boar Amour

If Possible it should be made like Skyrim where the clothes disappear or even better than Skyrim body parts disappear! Tooth, tusk, ears, foot?? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Now for what you can actually do with these. Well your gonna have to look for them, your gonna have to look for people who want them and you could trade with them. We just cant give you a "must get X for this must X item" nah none of that strange mandatory stuff this is for adventure! This is the RPG side of the game I've always wanted walking around town asking NPC's or other players for directions. Once you actually find a person who wants your stuff you just have to collect what ever it is you felt like collecting, and you may look for different contacts for different types of rewards.


Cactus Apple

Guy in Durotar - Coins
Chef at a Ship - Other Exotic fruits
Apothecary Biologist - Elixir
Zoo Keeper - Pet battle bandaid
Innkeeper - Soup

Salt Water

Shaman - Relaxing Incense: Inhale to increase rest experience rate by 1%, stacks. Maximum 5.
Witch Doctor - Lucky Charms: Gives a chance of looting higher amount of Coins by 0.25. Maximum 10%.
Goblin Water Purifier at Gadgetzan:
World Research Token: recognized by many academic institutes in the world.

Quilboar Armour:

Dock Master at Rachet: Coins
Scraps Recycler at Mulgore: Leather, Cloth, Iron
Quilboar Rights Protester: Token of Peace.
Darkmoon Fair Guy: Quilboar Armour Replica

Keep in mind that most of this is accomplished through stacks.

There may also be other people in the world who are looking for items that you get in exchange recieved from other NPC's.



Lucky Charms:

Grifta - "Better Lucky Charms": It doesn't work mon!

"Better Lucky Charms":

Grifting Victims Support Group: Worlds Smallest Violin.


World Research Token:

Silvermoon/Darnassus School - Membership to School.

Membership to School:

Librarian: Allows players to read books about ancient history then and allows them to take quizzes on them for a reward of an Academic Award

Academic Award:

Head Master of the School - Will recognize your Achievements and will introduce you to the Highborn of Dire Maul, where you can gain unique Artifacts.


Orc Tusk:

Fancy Racist Gilneans: a top hat.

A Top hat:

Fancy Racist Gilnean Socialites: will allow you to chat with them and gain trust. "Pfft gnomes, who needs them, right?"

A Fancy Racist Gilneans Trust:

Most Racist man in Gilneas: Gives memebership to the club.

Membership to a Racist Gilnean Club:

The Hunt Master of the Club: Allows you to play Fox hunting.


-Apothecary Elixir:

Sludge Fields Researcher: He will add the elixir you received from that specific apothecary to make special results. He will give you a report on his research.


Undercity Researcher: He will try a crazy experiment based on the knowledge he had gained and he creates a terrible sludge beast that you can Pet Battle and even capture.

This is just scratching the surface of what this idea can do and maybe you can actually use some of the items if you choose, maybe you just like the bonus effect of the elixir or like having an apple to eat.

I would also very much like to see modeled and animated bags. Why not if your carrying a stack of elf ears why not have a pouch that's becoming more full as you gather more. Also if your carrying salt water why not have bits of the water spill as you run and quivers, pouch and Netherweave bags. Why not? If players want the option you should offer players the option.

An no B.S. too much resource or we'll save it for Titan! Blizzard is a compnay of game designers damn it and this is what they should be striving for! Making new innovations instead of compromising shitty situations the game is in! Really lots of people say that will look good on Titan on good ideas. Blizzard said they would blow peoples mind with Titan but they could be blowing some minds still with WoW if they try.They're really gonna leave 9 million of their loving, caring, loyal customers in perpetual states of boredom and a half fullfilled satisfaction? Remember Cata?

So what do you guys think? Is the idea a Yes or a No?

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