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    Warrior PvP - Stat Weight?

    After all these changes with the resi and stuff, i guess it isnt our primary stat anymore? is that correct? What is the best stat to gem and reforge to now?

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    I've been prioritizing Hit and Expertise to (soft) cap, then Crit>Mastery>Haste. Crit gems are superior to Strength due to providing twice as much of the stat; only match sockets that provide nice bonuses (although this is discretionary). I no longer use any Resilience gems or enchants. Some people still run with Resilience on chest, I prefer Stats. That's discretionary though.

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    I've been using Crit + str and prue crit.

    Seems solid atm.

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    Suggest you take a look at these posts. This guy knows he's stuff.


    You can drop the set bonus on legs.
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