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    Quote Originally Posted by Seramore View Post
    Seramore for mod 2013
    I agree with this. And I don't even play a warrior anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenlol View Post
    The Warrior forums are less active than other class forums :x
    That is because warriors missed the bus.
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    Haha....people are acting like it is a vote

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    What? It is not a popularity contest?

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    why not lock the warrior forum and make them reroll? :P

    but yeah i guess there is not much warrior love around the past time

    will be better with 4.5 i guess and the forum activity will probably go back up ^^

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    What's the minimum requirements?

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    Minimum reqs are 50 posts in 90 days in this forum, but it's really more about the quality of posts than quantity. The minimum is really just to make sure that we have someone who's active and invested enough that they're not just going to disappear in a week.

    We're really just looking for someone who's generally helpful and knowledgeable, someone who always makes good posts here and who doesn't act poorly outside the warrior forum either. It really doesn't take too long to moderate, but you might end up getting sucked in and wanting to spend a lot more time here Any questions feel free to ask

    I'll take a look at all the applications in a couple days!

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