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    jinrokh pools and megeara anything that involves the raid grouped up and a ton of shit going on. Seems like the combat log fucking up. Next time I do it I will disable all my addons and see what happens

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    I guess you could fraps it and post a video on the technical support forum (LFR vs Normal/Heroic), worth a shot.

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    Was having these issues this week on Megaera. First time our server experienced it, although it did start when they opened up the free transfers from Area 52.

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    Pretty sure issues like this have been around since the first person dialed up his buddy and played a game online with them.

    It's the internet in a multiplayer game with thousands (or more idk how many people are packed onto the same instance server) of people playing on the same servers. There's multiple ISPs your connection runs through to get from your house to blizzard aside from blizzards own hiccups. Really unless you're playing inside blizzard's server room you're going to have delays.

    Plus it's a game that has increasing particle effects and random graphics stuff on every encounter. It's a shit ton of stuff for people to process and in a raid that's a lot of stuff for blizzard to process too. Don't forget that not only is it your computer processing what's going on but also blizzards. There's a reason why solo play is so different from 10 - 25 man raiding. Every fight that has a lot of graphic effects flying around typically has had lag issues (original Thaddius I raided with a guy who had to open up his computer tower and aim a giant box fan right on his video card other wise it'd over heat and he'd crash).

    The more things that happen in an encounter the more things that your computer has to process and the more things that the blizzard side of it has to process your computers processing and the more people in it the more work has to be done. In any of these instances where people are talking about lag I guarantee if they went back in a couple years and soloed it they would have 0 lag issues even with the same computer.

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    I had the same issue some months ago in 25s. Especially Jin'rokh was terrible, when the raid stood in the 1st pool and we pulled BL.
    There was no difference in the input lag between recount on / off.
    I think, this is combatlog related. For me the input lag stopped, after pressing no button for 2 seconds. But since ~2 months the input lag is gone.

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    Do you use Recount?

    I had a similar issue at certain parts in some fights, switched to Skada and all my problems disappeared.

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    It's even worse on world bosses. It seems to be directly relative to the number of people around you. Disabling recount and combatlogging helps to some degree but doesn't alone remove the problem.

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    I never have this issue in 25s on a dead realm. But on higher pop realms (ie illidan) it's really bad. It also gets better overtime from the beginning of patches (more players come back to play).

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    We tend to get server lag when Nalak is pulled, for whatever reason. I'd have thought being in an instance would make it a non issue, but it still lags us out while we're in ToT.

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    Got the same issue in 25 man. Especially if there is a lot of blinking stuff on the screen (players casting, void zones from bosses and stuff). I assume that something in those particle effects slows down some PCs. Thank god I don't have this problem in our 10 man raids. That pretty much just scraps your DPS.

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