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    Pre-Cata loremaster wasn't too bad, given that Blizzard relented and gave us (or rather, the addon developers) access to querying the server for a list of completed quests. I was about 50-60 quests short on both EK and Kalimdor when 3.3 landed, and I had it finished in no time.
    As someone who did Loremaster back at 3.0... I hate you. I should specify that I am Alliance side, also. Kalimdor was HORRIBLE. I completed my AQ scepter chain just to get more quests for Loremaster. And my 2.5 armor set. At one point, I was searching for what item drops that started quests I hadn't done, because it was all I had left, and this was BEFORE they introduced to API element that allowed to check for quest completion. Loremaster then was just a step under Insane in the Membrane (before that got easy also, lol), at least Alliance side. I don't think Horde had it as bad >.<

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    I kinda wish there was a different title for post shattering, only so I'd have reason to get it too, I had a load of fun finding all the quests, discovering all the little things I missed. I'd finished most of every zone while leveling during classic, but missed some good ones, like the first time you meet Tirion in EPL.

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    I would say Panda land to be the most annoying.
    Especially on pvp server or Flood pve server
    The gold and BoE's are a good profit tho
    You should atleast have Jade Forest, Kun'lai and one more zone (Towlong and/or Dread Wastes) done when you hit 90. The other 3 zones that are left is pretty smooth imo. If you did not play in TBC or WOTLK that can be a pain in the ass.

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