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    Windstorm at Iron Qon 10man

    (This is a very old thread and we already killed him on Heroic a long time ago)

    Hi my fellow players,

    My non-hardcore core is at Iron Qon, our dps is good, our heal is nice, our tanks is great, but we're having some SERIOUS problems with the Windstorm phase.

    We're using the warlock portal for 2 dps plus 3 healers, but the rest of group - besides one or two - are having some problems.

    Do u guys have some tips to this phase at encounter? One easy way to do it, or an easy path? Any tips would be welcome, any screenshot or good composition to do and make us able to procede with the fight and finally kill the boss.

    Btw, our comp is:

    Tank: DK and Warrior
    Healer: Disc, Druid and Shaman
    Dps: Enhanc. Shaman, Pally, Warlock, Mage and Hunter.

    Thanks for any Help, and have a nice day.
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    Use your classmechanics. Three healers can get out and 2 others. The two others should not be the tanks. I´d suggest Retri-Pala and Enhancer. Warlock uses his OWN portal to get outside (that green circle thingy), Mage blinks for a fair distance, Hunter jumps backwards. Warrior jump + intervene someone outside and the DK can be pulled outside by Leap of Faith from your Priest.

    Zoom out as much as possible. Anticipate the cyclones. It´s smarter to exit the circle BEHIND them, than in front of them, with high latency.

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    Druid can displacer beast, warrior can heroic leap, warlock can take his own portal, mage can blink. Apart from that you can either chose your ret pala or hunter to also not take portal. Ret pala has speed of light, and good self-defensives (divine protection unglyphed, bubble and devo aura perhaps), while hunter could turn and disengage. Or let the priest take portal and lifegrip one of em. Not sure if you can deterrence the damage, but if you can, I'd let pala take portal, hunter deterrence and should be gripped before it's over.

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    Just don't try and rush in front of tornadoes. If they are coming towards you and you have any doubt in your mind that they might catch you, stop a moment and wait for them to pass and go around behind them.

    They're arranged in the same way every time, and they are arranged such that if you book it immediately on landing, particularly without speed boosts (but even somewhat with them), that they'll line up right with the path going straight out of the windstorm. Just let them pass and go behind. I've found the majority of people take chances that just aren't worth it. The damage isn't that extreme, particularly with light CDs, but if you get picked up, it's a lot of damage (and usually pulls you away from the healers that can save you).

    I believe how it generally goes for me is I let the first two inner tornadoes pass, then once I get to the path of the outer ones they have already passed and I disengage the rest of the way out.

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    The problem is generally the debuff that you carry into the wind phase. It ticks for damage and reduces healing. Other people have already given you tips on classes that have good movement, I'll try to cover some other stuff.

    - Disc spirit shell, this healer has to watch the timers and throw it on 15-20 sec before the windstorm, this will take the edge off the damage.
    - You will have at least 2 windstorms I'd expect, use dev aura for one and rallying cry / demo banner for another
    - You need to get to the other side and spread out, carrying the debff through (I think) means stacking is more ticking damage.

    The next phase is quite easy on the healers as long as people aren't retarded so don't be afraid to burn some mana to get people through this phase in one piece.

    fyi I have 200+ms latency and its not too bad. I think the only thing not mentioned it stampeding roar?

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    Warlock should use his own personal portal. 2 DPS and 3 Healers can take the other Lock Portal. Disc Priest can Leap of Faith one of the tanks or whomever is having issues. Plus all the other factors such as Blink etc.

    Druid can use Stampeding Roar.

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    Wait 2 seconds and then a path opens up right up the middle, it's easy as hell if you wait for that. Should probably use stampeding roar too at that point.

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    Making sure you dont have arcing lightning going off during windstorm really helps, have all ranged stack for the first one going out, I think you can spread after just make sure no one passes it onto the melee or tanks. Will wear off just as windstorm starts, really made the difference for us.

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    I would say use the lock portal for the people who are consistently dying to tornadoes. Don't have your druid use it as he just has to dodge one tornado then can displacer out of the tornado zone. The priest is a good option to take the portal because of Life Grip.

    Also, this is a worse case scenario. But, if you are having a lot of trouble you can run straight to the left and wait for the tornadoes to end the rejoin the group. There is a zone to the side where you will not get hit by tornadoes.

    Healers make sure to top everyone off before going into the tornado zone do to the healing debuff once inside the zone.

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    It's the same thing as Alysrazor.. you follow the one that just passed by you until the next one and follow that one. And wait 2-3 seconds before moving to the first one passes by you. People need to be topped off prior to that, but healers can heal you once they used the demonic gateway.

    You have a disc and a druid, that's 2 life grips right there.
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    I would just like to add a caution for people considering using leap of faith as my raid used some of the information in this thread. You can leap of faith someone right into a tornado. While it was pretty hilarious watching a healer fly through the air only to get snatched by a tornado and killed, it was very detrimental to the raid. So IF you do use leap of faith, use it carefully.

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    It's also possible, though not desireable, to not run out of the area and simply heal through the damage. This depends on the quality of your heals, of course, and would benefit greatly from spreading out as much as possible in the limited area you have (to avoid killing each other with arcing lightning).

    Your mileage will vary.

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    All of the tornados move in a circle with each one going in a different clockwise/counter clockwise rotation, the one closest to the pull-in point will probably be in your way the moment you are able to move, so either wait for it or curve around it.

    From there, anyone with a speed boost can book it for the end without a worry.

    For those without a speed boost and not taking a portal (get your players without speedboost in portals first obviously), just watch them and move behind them, try to get in range of the healers ASAP.

    EDIT: Good practice: take lvl 85s to Alysrazor in Firelands and have fun with the tornado phase there. XD

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    Something that kept messing some of our raiders up on normal and heroic (no lock in our group), was they were trying to run too quickly after a tornado had passed by in front of them. The base of the tornado is much larger than the graphic and will pick you up if you get too close. Wait until the first one that circles the drop point passes, then run in a zig-zag pattern through them. Running behind one that just passed you until you can move forward into the next circle worked well for me.

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    I live in Brazil (in Cuiabá (I doubt you live in a worse place )) and I've never had any issue.

    As far as I know you can use aspect of the pack.

    Your pally can bubble and ignore the tornadoes (and also use speed of light), your shaman can use the wolf thing and your mage can blink.

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    You have stampede x2 lock can personal teleport + 5 others that's 6 war leaps Druid leaps too that's 8 you can stampede so te last 2 can get out. I advise you to wait a couple seconds before you run tele etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakaya View Post
    Making sure you dont have arcing lightning going off during windstorm really helps, have all ranged stack for the first one going out, I think you can spread after just make sure no one passes it onto the melee or tanks. Will wear off just as windstorm starts, really made the difference for us.
    So this doesn't get missed - it's great advice if you can pull it off properly.

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    I felt so freaking terrible last night. We did heroic Iron Qon attempts (we did kill it) and I kept dying to the stupid tornado phase. I tried to disengage out of them, but still got caught.

    For hunters: Exactly when should I use disengage on this? Is there a trick? I'm currently queueing for LFRs to practice this - yay for wait times, but I think its worth it to practice.

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    Fyi there's a spot where you can stand and never get sucked in by the windstorm. Might be a bug/exploit, we noticed it once when one of our members was running from the boss during a wipe. This location is at the very edge of the room, close to the stairs where you tank the boss after phase 1, either side of the stairs is fine, if you hug the wall there it won't suck you in (unless they fixed that recently). We don't use it, too much movement to get there and usually someone would have the lightning debuff and end up spreading it all over, but it seems doable if you are really having lag issues and always dying to windstorm.

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    Tanks should be fine to just run out.

    Healers take portal.

    Ret Paladin should be able to do it easily with divine protection (-40% magic) and speed of light's sprint
    Any shaman should be able to do it easily with ghostwolf + stone bulwark + shamanistic rage
    Mage should be able to do it easily with blink, ice barrier, and greater invisibility. But can always just iceblock and sit there for half the time too if they mess up.
    Warlock can take their own personal portal & will have loads of damage mitigation options

    I'd always send the hunter through the portal as the 4th person. Yes, they have disengage & deterrence, but disengaging backwards through the tornadoes is a pain in the ass. The whole facing the wrong way & then spinning 180 degrees just makes it more awkward than all your other "run-forwards-fast" classes.

    My final pick to take the portal would be whoever's your biggest failboat. Some people just have hassles with tornadoes, c'est la vie. Pick based on person, not based on what their class *should* be able to do.

    In terms of pattern for running through the tornadoes:

    - When you come out of the pull in, there should be the closest tornado just starting to come around counter-clockwise. Wait for it to pass, then run forwards
    - I blow speed of light sprint (paladin), and run slightly at a diagonal through about 2 rows of tornadoes
    - Then I need to strafe slightly to duck in behind a third passing
    - From there I have a clear run to out of the tornado zone

    I'm Australian so I'm doing it at ~250ms. It's a little awkward to adjust at first, but it's not too bad. I'm reasonably confident that the tornado collisions are handled client side, like Blade Lord's tornadoes were, so latency shouldn't actually be an issue here.

    Watch a video carefully and see the path people take through.

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