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    Quote Originally Posted by Liebchen View Post
    Disc Priest >> Monk > Paladin > Druid > Holy Priest > Shaman

    After Patch:
    Disc Priest > Druid > Monk >> Holy Priest > Paladin > Shaman

    Not 100% sure about where to put Holy Priests because why the hell would you use one when you can have a Disc Priest? Even when raiding 10man with 2 Heal Priests both should stay Disc. But i think its what i said +-1 Position.

    -Disc Priests are #1 HPS on most fights while doing nearly all of the healing with Absorbs and by Dealing DMG... its just ridiculous. They also have very potent Healing/Raid CDs. Patch wont change much. Having a Disc Priest also makes a lot of Enragetimers a lot easier.
    -Druids will be great after Patch and the perfect addition to a Disc Priest. While the Priest pushes his HPS through absorbs the Druid is just doing raw healing. After the Patch they also can dish out DPS.
    -Monks are the perfect group-healer especially in 10man because they don't need their targets to stand together. Patch wont change much, they are still awesome but druids are a little bit better most likely.
    -Paladins are the perfect Allroundhealer atm... after Patch they will still be, but all the nerfs could lead to them being useless if you don't need his support.
    -Shamans are the worst healer in 10man period. Even after massive buffs they cannot compete with other healers because their mechanics are very 10man-unfriendly because several people have to stand together and thats rarely the case. Of course there are 1-3 fights every content where Shamans are good (for example Megaera or Ra-den) but even then they get outhealed by monks and priests
    It saddens me to have to mostly agree with this statement. I'm still stubbornly holding out hope that the recent changes to resto shaman will make them more viable than expected, in SoO 10 mans. Specifically, I'm hoping that the new (Rushing Streams?) talent will surprise us, with how well it may perform, and that the chain heal changes will help.

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    I'd lean towards Disc Priest or a Monk

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    Tbh whilst sure disc might be #1 hps followed by a pally or monk and shamans might be last, a group needs a decent healer balance. discs might have incredible hps because they negate the damage before it happens but they lack the throughput during the oh shit everything is going wrong moments. Shamans however excel at that with there huge amount of cooldowns and will become 1 more in patch 5.4. They have virtually a cooldown for every situation that might need 1 like a cooldown for every rampage on magaera for example + bring good amount of mana via mana tide for the other healers.
    Imo in answer to the op the strongest healer currently is paladins. They do have a fair bit of absorbs, some strong heals and decent aoe healing and an all around good healing class.

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    Disc >>> Monk/Pally/Holy > Druid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shaman.

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    disc > hpally = hpriest > rdruid > monk > shaman

    after next patch tho i think it will go

    disc > hpally = hpriest = rdruid > monk > shaman

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    Disc > Rdruid > Hpal > Holy Priest = Monk > Warrior with bandages > Shaman

    Something like that ^

    Disc is obviously nuts in 10man, they're like half a DPS and do the most healing in the game. Resto Druids are nuts in 10man as well, Wild Growth heals over half the raid. I'm usually tied with my Disc in my 10man, we 2 heal every fight and the only fight he *always* beats me on is Horridon because well, the damage buff is insane with Atonement. Then I always beat him on fights like Council, Tortos, Mag, where there's lots of AoE damage.

    Hpals are strong as always, but RDruid AoE healing is just really good so puts them a bit above Paladins.

    Holy Priests are strong if they have enough spirit, otherwise they run out of mana instantly, and Monks are pretty good in certain situations but for 10man I'm not sure they're that great.

    Shamans are pretty mediocre right now, although our 3rd healer is a Shaman when we needed 3 healers for progression. He was never anywhere near me or the Disc Priest really, but I mean, they cast heal spells, so that's a plus.

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    5.4 is still going to most likely be Disc + Paladin + Monk/Druid. Resto shaman could make a come back but most guilds are already set with this healer comp. Even though shaman are getting a pretty nice buff, they just don't bring enough secondary. The big thing that helped during our progression was being able to run 2 disc + 1 mw and beat dps checks by a mile with our healers doing almost 200k dps combined.
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    For sure Disc Priests for now.

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    disc at the moment is super strong. i'd go with that.
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    I think most healers are viable right now but disc priests are just way too strong imo.

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    If you're looking for the strongest/easiest healing class, it's a Disc Priest.

    If you're looking for the best utility of a healing class, it's a Paladin. A Monk can also be an assest because they have some powerful abilities and they are treated as melee by the game, so not targeted by range specific mechanics but don't actually need to stand in melee. Druids can also have some pretty nice utility with Symbiosis.

    If you want a real challenge and to show just how good a player you are, Holy Priest or Shaman.

    Our guild runs two heroic 10 mans. One group three heals with a Disc priest, Druid, and Paladin. The other group two heals the same fights with a Holy Priest and Shaman.

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