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    10 man Tortos - Snapping Bite


    I've searched through guides, wowhead and the usual places for an answer to this but I'm yet to find one. My guild and I are currently working on Tortos 10 man and have had some weird things happening with Snapping Bite. Basically we are using a 2 tank strategy, one tank on Tortos(Pally) and myself tanking bats(Druid). Up until now we have had no issues with this setup, threat has not been an issue, mitigation hasn't been a problem etc etc. But in our last raid one of our melee has been taking alot of Snapping Bites eventhough said player was third on threat by alot and the bosses focus would switch from tank to the melee player only on Snapping Bite.

    What would you recommend is the cause of this as an instant reaction? Is it something that the melee is doing to cause this, positioning isn't right or what?On non of the guides or on any sites does it suggest that this ability should only hit the tank, this would seem the logical course of action but as the ability has an unlimited range I began to wonder why this would be the case if the dpser wasn't top of threat?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My first thought is that the tank is too far away from Tortos, perhaps running out of range dodging falling rocks? I've never seen that happen, myself. We keep the melee sat right on Tortos' left foot, and the tank on the right.

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    Yeah the tank is always close to the right leg with myself there at the start and then only when theres rockfall does the tank move but the dpser was moving well away from Tortos. Unless I am on bats I'm always close by so I would of thought by being second on threat that would mean I would be taking the bites.

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    The other weird thing was the bosses timer was off by 4 seconds, his castbar was screwed to the point where we had to reset the instance to fix it.

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    100% tank move out of range.

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    If it's ONLY the Snapping Bite, something weird is going on. Either there is some sort of bug or the tank is running out only when snapping bite occurs.

    If Tortos is occasionally using his regular meele attack on non-tank players as well, the tank is probably going out of meele range.

    Either way, tell your tank to stay in there. Going out of range is unacceptable.

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    It almost certainly sounds like a range issue. On one of my group attempts I had the same thing happen. Our druid takes Tortos for the few seconds before the bats, then I taunted and yet the Druid got bit in half while I was moving from rockfall, but I swore I didn't move out of range I actually ran UNDER Tortos' head. I'm thinking your tank did that and for some reason that counts as moving out of his melee range (maybe it counts as behind him?)
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    As others have said, it's a range issue. Your Pala tank has to stay close, even if it means soaking the Rock Fall. It's Normal and it shouldn't really hurt that much.

    About the timers being off - it happens all the time on several bosses. Using DBM and we've seen it so many times with timers being off. Best thing to do, is having dead turtles available all the time, cause that's really the only thing that should be able to wipe you - if you don't interrupt the breath.

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    I have noticed that you can be out of range on the side of him also. I mean if you move over too far left or right and a melee is closer, he will smack the melee with the bite. Best to stay under his chin as much as possible. If you even move over to halfway between the head and the crystal you get the shield from, that's too far.

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    I have had that happen when the tank on Tortos got hit by spinning turtles. Maybe that can be enough to get out of range.

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