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    To the OP: I agree with what most of these peeps are saying, excluding Marco, no offense meant to him.

    Now, to avoid making another thread, if I can hijack this one without offending the OP that'd be great. My guild is close to a H lei shen kill (3% wipe), so we're going to be pushing it this next week, but our prot pally will be missing all week. And sense I'm the other main tank of the guild, I'm trying to increase my dps so that I'm not as far behind him as I have been, I feel out monk might not be up for main tanking, as it's his off spec, and it would require him changing the way he's playing completely. I've tried reforging for mastery > hit 7.5 > expertise 7.5 > haste. But I only got to 3.7k haste with that reforging. And then trying a Mastery (17000 unbuffed) > hit 7.5 > expertise 7.5 > haste but only got up to 4.7k. So I'm looking for input from well progressed dks on how to improve my dps, and where they have felt comfortable with mastery in a 25 man heroic progression guild.

    My armory.

    Other trinkets I have, soul barrier, LFR feather, LFR primordius. (My guild has had horrid luck with strength dps trinkets.) I also have some off spec heroic pieces that I've collect, tidal force treads, and horridon bracers namely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravendale View Post
    Why don't you have the crafted haste/mastery boots ? °_°
    Other than that what's up with your glyph choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcojoao View Post
    "surely you would just go back to mastery at the start of the tier then move back to haste as your gear improves. Seems like commons sense to me" vs healing reduction and armor reduction OMG that will definitely work !!! haha I think you dont need to say more about "class mechanics" xD ok calmdown mr.Pro play the way you like more, you just one dude that ignore the others opinions and think you are always right. ok goahead.
    Yo, wipe the drool off your keyboard and learn to play the class before you come in here talking nonsense. Explain how him having a haste build now, MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL to what build he will have in the next raid.

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    Physical damage should be moderately higher in 25 mans compared to 10 man, as far as abilities go (whether magical or physical) they are typically the same.

    I tanked this entire tier as blood in a full haste > crit > mastery build. The only boss I actually went traditional mastery and focused on pure survival stats was heroic horridon early in progression. He just hit incredibly hard.

    If you can get away with it and it doesn't change your composition (basically if you are so squishy wearing DPS gear with DPS forges that you need an extra healer) you're doing your guild a favor by doing more damage. A traditional 2H frost stat/gem/forge should do you just fine if you're trying up your DPS as blood. Crit and haste scale EXTREMELY well with high vengeance, and you will see more bang for your back focusing on these stats rather than trying to pick up more attack power.

    If you're having problems surviving transition out of crit and back into mastery until you find a decent compromise. I personally didn't have to do it, but it would be the logical stat to go to as crit does nothing for survival. Haste though works for both survival and damage.

    Rotation wise just basically throws out timing DS (should still do it on large predictable burst) in favor of getting more DS in per minute. Like the other specs try not to waste runes or runic power. In scenarios where you have excess (it will happen with a lot of haste in addition to RP soaking/procs) you just use the abilities that do the most damage per global, or rune cost.

    I'd really try and invest in DPS trinkets at the very least. The tanking trinkets this tier are utter garbage (IMO) and the DPS trinkets will offer a sizable damage increase and most of them have decent survival as well. While I don't actively go for avoidance, feather when it's procced offers a sizable chunk of progressive avoidance as it goes through it's duration. I also really like the primordius trinket with a haste setup a blood. Lots of opportunities to proc it given that we should never have empty globals. Compared to when I play frost it seems to have consistently higher stacks on average.
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    Def use the twins boots and the horridon bracers. Lei Shen really doesnt melee that hard so having 260% mastery unbuffed is beyond overkill, you'd be fine with half that or less. Get haste up to at least 10k, fix your glyphs, throw in some /sit as needed and you should see a nice dps increase. Oh and drop blood tap for corruption.

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    Never played blood dk before so ToT is my first tier as tank and im trying to find the best balance between survivability and dps.
    The best boost would be 4p dps set and dps trinkets right?

    Maybe anyone of you got an idea how to improve my current gear (bad drop luck)
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    DPS set is good for blood, and unlike many tiers the bonuses actually work for blood. The little zandalari ghouls hit pretty hard with high vengeance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillo View Post
    Why don't you have the crafted haste/mastery boots ? °_°
    Other than that what's up with your glyph choices.
    Forgot about the haste/mastery boots, damn I'm retarded.

    And my glyph choices, starting with minors: Army of the dead, because apparently my army taunting adds (unharnessed energy) is a bad thing. And the other two because, well there aren't any minors that actually can have an impact, outside of path of frost.

    Majors: AMS because most of the things that I've been working on in regards to progression don't have steady pulse magic damage so using up as much of the cap as I can is really nice (Explosive slam, and helping to soak static shock). Icy touch, because the other members in my raid who have a dispel are usually balls slow at it so I'll waste a rune on the dispel if I have to, then point to recount telling the mage/shaman/hunter to do their job. And finally DRW, because not getting tricks, or MD at the start of a pull is amazing, especially with twintop starting most encounters with 3/3 shadow orbs and doing crazy burst.

    Also, I change them around, a lot, so take them with a grain of salt.

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    Hello, long time WOW player here. Little background I played DPS Dk from the start of wrath up until DS and switched to blood becasue we were in need of a tank and fell in love with blood DK tanking. I took a break right at the start of MOP and have just recently come back to the game and getting back into raiding. Judging from this thread and many of the armories I have checked it looks like getting hit and exp to cap and then picking up around 10% haste is the ideal gearing and reforging method right now.

    Are there any other tips for a returning blood DK to help me get prepared for heroics as quickly as possible? My armory is below.

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