View Poll Results: Do you feel emotionally attached to your main?

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  • Yes. Sometimes I wish my main was more viable, but I will stick to him/her no matter what.

    100 62.89%
  • Yes. I feel equally emotionally attached to all my characters.

    21 13.21%
  • No. But I still stick to one class.

    17 10.69%
  • No. Bring the player, not the class. I play whatever is best for me, my guild and my friends.

    21 13.21%
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    Shaman main since mid-late BC, and most likely won't change. It's the character I have the most confidence/skill in playing, most time invested, and as of current content, awaiting 5.4 to continue the legendary questline, aka no way in hell am I doing that quest line on alts, especially since they would have to do it via LFR.

    That said, I have a fondness for warrior, since that was my main prior to my shaman, but I've played and enjoyed just about every class. Only ones I haven't really fiddled with much would be druid and monk.

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    I don't understand why people who are "alt-o-holics" should be respected less than people who stick to one character... I have many characters because I enjoy playing the game from different vantage points. You aren't taking full advantage of the game if you don't at least try all the classes, in my opinion of course. And alt-o-holics aren't always FOTM rerollers... a misconception that seems to be prevalent.

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