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  • Yes. Sometimes I wish my main was more viable, but I will stick to him/her no matter what.

    100 62.89%
  • Yes. I feel equally emotionally attached to all my characters.

    21 13.21%
  • No. But I still stick to one class.

    17 10.69%
  • No. Bring the player, not the class. I play whatever is best for me, my guild and my friends.

    21 13.21%
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    I started playing as a Hunter during the BWL patch, switched to Warlock during T4. Since then my main has been that same ol' warlock.
    Leveled and played various other classes at endgame level throughout the expansions, but that Warlock always remained my main character.

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    I have one main and over 30 alts. I love them all. I've been sticking to my main since the beginning, though.
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    I used to play a druid healer as a main, that was the first character i got to max level ever, while I play hunter now.

    It was kind ofa ninja-switch as I didn't have a raid guild at the start of mop and I decided that the class I would most like to do dailies with was my hunter. So naturally when I was asked if I had any raid-viable character it was my hunter. Hunter hasn't really been on top of the charts, so it's def not a fotm thing rather than a most fun to play right now( especially soloing) thing, and having BM be viable in PVE was a huge plus.

    I'm basically an alt-o-holic though, but playing some classes more than others and it's not really all that possible for me to raid gear so many characters as the one character I raid with naturally greatly outgears the others. Although my rogue seems to suddenly find itself at a 499 ilvl just from doing weekly stuff.
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    Even though I have a ton of alts I love my pally and it would probably be to hard for me to ever switch my main.
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    Yeah, I could never see myself shelving my little paladin. I've played him for like six years, and almost all of my WoW memories were experienced through him to some degree. Even now, with account-wide mounts and titles, I just don't feel compelled to "main" anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansi View Post
    Or are you fine with having 11 different level 90'ies, because your greatest interest is being top dollar DPS/Healing/Tank at any cost?
    Why does it have to be reduced to that?

    I have an emotional attachment to my characters. That is, I've got an idea of who they are (I guess this is an RPG after all :P).

    I started with a Human Priest (I just liked healing, coming from a long way back from Warcraft 1 and the Northshire Clerics), but the friend I started with is a Horde fan, so we went to the Horde... and I made a Troll Shaman just because I wanted to heal, I liked trolls, and having played Warcraft 3 I associated totems with trolls (and I loved Chain Heal from the Shadow Hunter hero). Later came blood elves, and since I had an RPG character predating World of Warcraft who was kind of elvish and rogueish and I loved him, I leveled a Blood Elf Rogue (swashbucklers for the win!). There are classes I've yet to try because I can't get a mental image of what character I want to create, or just because the theme doesn't click on me (Death Knights and their diseases turn me away, although recently I've almost decided on one just because of an internal joke).

    Being a completionist and loving being more powerful with time, all this "main vs alt" thing has driven me crazy, because I can't stand creating a new rogue, for example, slogging through everything, having thousands of "unfinished achievements" (that I have finished), and then spend months gearing it so that I can play whatever rogue I'm in the mood for at the same page as I, the player, am.

    Is there people who would use anything to be the most effective DPS or whatever? I guess there is. But I don't like what I've got to do to maintain my characters. For starters, most achievements shouldn't even have a character name attached to them (even though they're "account bound" –yeah, sure– they still show a NOT ACHIEVED BY in red letters, so what's the point), and the ones who would, should have just a class attached instead. One thing I despise with all my soul is Anniversary Feats of Strength tied to characters.

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    I don't think I really fit into any of the options. My Druid has been my main since vanilla. It's my favorite class, I know it inside out, and it's sort of "old reliable" for me. Yes, after all these years I do have a bit of sentimental attachment to it. But there have been many changes over the years that I despised and there have been times where these changes have pushed me to raid on one of my other toons for awhile. I always end up coming back to the Druid though. On the same token, I like to be a team player and having several alts of the same role (tank) allows me to change who I raid with for the benefit of my guild. Currently I am raiding on both my Druid and Paladin at the request of my guild. The Druid has always been my achievement whore though and if it's not a rep I absolutely need on my alts, the Druid is the only toon I grind them all out on.

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    The first char i made when i started playing WoW was a troll shaman. After 3 years she is still my main although she is a pandaren now. I have alts and yes i gear them up, level professions on them but my shaman has all my focus. Even when im bored and i make a new alt i must admitt that after some time leveling i return to my shaman.
    Yes, i am emotionally attached to her. When someone will say that i cant play her anymore, WoW is over for me

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    I'm on my 3rd main now, since Vanilla.

    I was healing/tanking for about 6 years on 1 toon but since my guild back then died found it much easier to get into raids as a ranged DPS and also have grown to enjoy it. Have always had 1-2 alts for backup for the raid and always willing to switch to something else.

    Not really attached to my pally anymore I just dragged him along to 90 to finish some achieves' progress that don't count across all toons.

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    My lock, best mogs, cool and avesome class, my first and only main and i dare say im pretty skilled with him
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    If I don't form some sort of attachment to a character, I won't keep it. I have a lot of alts, and while I do absolutely like some more than others - my first "main" and my two shamans hold a special place in my heart - I like to think of them all as individual heroes, working their way across Azeroth to save the day time and time again. None of them are "me", but at the same time, they're all a part of me - different facets of my personality, how I see myself. I think a lot of people play their characters this way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    Why the emotional attachment? You do not lose it if you reroll, the memory remains. It is problably the fear of losing the connection with the game at a whole because you did not play that very class or spec back in the days. In other words the old conservative approach to stick to what works, refusing to change and adapt, etc.
    Or, as silly as it might sound to some, it's more like to me my mains are just awesome little digital people in my eyes, more than just a center point for the camera angle, and I very much enjoy playing them and as them.

    If I lost all my characters, I could fairly easily start my alts over again, but these two...admittedly I'd prob be rather crushed. I dare say I'm as attached to these two as many authors may be to any beloved longtime character in their writing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    now don't take it as to say that i don't have emotional ties to my previous mains... i will always remember and hold dearly the memories and friends I've made on my first character ever.. my rogue. it was when i was a noob, when this game was new and exciting to me, when i knew nothing, when everything was an adventure, and when i first started raiding.
    the same can be said for my Shaman, i still to this day have trouble having more fun playing a class then i did playing enhance in BC and wrath, im also still playing with a great group of guys i met because of this shaman.

    so looking back on what i said, makes me sound kind of like a dick... but by no means am i not very emotional tied to my characters.. it always sucks leaving them behind but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.
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    Each expansion, I've picked up a new main, but more out of boredom/wanting to try something new, but each has a place in my heart.

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    This is a good topic that doesn't get brought up much, so props to the OP for making it.

    My first character was a shaman, and it quickly became my main as I started to fall in love with the enhancement spec, despite all its faults. I loved the lore behind a shaman that used the elements to beat up stuff, and it played pretty fun too (even if I had to press a dozen buttons just to keep up with 1- or 2-button DPS).

    My shaman is the character that I've done the most on on WoW. I managed to complete every holiday meta the first time I could on my shaman, getting my Violet Proto-Drake 10 months after I started playing (the hardest one was speed-leveling up to 75 for Children's Week, only to narrowly beat the clock finishing School for Hard Knocks). I got the Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal on it the first time I ran AQ40, much to the chagrin of my guildmates. I completed the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. I got the Eye of Sulfuras my third Ragnaros kill and devoted myself to finishing the legendary as quickly as possible, managing to do so a month and a half later. He remains the only character I've raided with, the first one I level when an expansion drops, and the one who I've had the fondest memories on.

    Suffice it to say that my shaman will always be my main, because I can't see myself ever playing another class as much as that one. Whenever I try out another class, it just doesn't feel as good as laying down the hurt with enhance. So even though I have quite a few alts at various levels, I always go back to my shaman.

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    I've been with my DK since Wotlk (3.1) and never ever considered re-rolling, I think I have an emotional bond with my character. I have 10 otehr 90's, but none of them get close to my DK.

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    My main is what it is because I've played it the longest, the class I know the best, acquired the most achievements on it, and despite my flip-flopping here and there, seem to get bored with it the least quickly out of all my other toons.

    I keep telling myself that the next expansion will see me on a new main.. we'll have to see if that actually becomes a reality
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    I have my Priest and I will stick to my Priest.

    FotM rerollers are stupid.

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    I've been playing this game since Vanilla and from Vanilla to Beginning of Wrath, i had my hunter as a main...but the game gets boring quickly when you've played as long as i have so i have a 90 of each character so when im bored with one class, ill play another...i'm great at playing all of them now : )

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    My paladin tank has been my main pretty much since I created her back in BC. There have been a few times when I've switched to my warlock for a short while, but I always go back to my paladin. I just love the amount of control and responsibility I have... and it's usually much easier to raid lead while tanking than while DPSing, for whatever reason.

    Granted, I no longer raid lead, but I do still call stuff out quite often. Either way, my prot paladin will probably be my main for the rest of the time I play this game which very few exceptions. I just prefer tanking over DPSing.

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