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    Haven't we all?

    That said...I wouldn't say as a mage my "job" is to make portals. My job is to help kill a boss. You have a Hearthstone, you can "teleport out of Instance", you can cook food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    As a Rogue and while I played, I never casted ToT on anyone during raids. If they forced me, I'd cast it on the lowest damage dealing tank.

    The raison d'etre of a Rogue in a raid is DPS and only DPS. We have zero utility, we can't heal like loladins and druids and priests, we can't tank like dk's, loladins and warriors, we can't buff we can't combat res, in short WE CANT DO ANYTHING ELSE except DPS.

    While I DPS I want to be at the top of the freaking meters, b/c that's why I am brought along in a raid. There is no way in hell that I am going to boost the damage of some snotty hybrid upstart or the damage of anyone else for that matter including other Rogues. While I played, there was ALWAYS competition for a raid spot and only the highest damage dealing players were brought along.

    I saw no reason why to increase someone else's damage so that they steal mine (or someone else's) raid spot.
    so u got a raid spot in a bad guild gz? no decent guild worth it's salt would take that selfish outlook into their roster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    I am a buff whore, if you wanna call it that. So I pay attention to these things myself.. And here's my observation.
    True, there are some who slacking with buffs and utility. But, honestly.. Yes, I believe it's a social behavior, triggered by the opposite side of the table.

    What ever happened to actually asking?
    Can we have a mage table please? Sounds not too shabby, does it?
    But instead, you hear...
    Mage, table! Lock, stone!

    Like a command, like an order. You approach me like that, I say "fuck you" bring your own shit.
    There is a multitude of reasons why someone doesn't cast the buff or utility the moment they enter an instance, be it raid or 5 man.
    A polite question should solve the matter though.
    If one asks and the person then ignores them, the ball is in the guys court that was asked. I've seen douches on that level too.
    This, so much. What happened to common courtesy? "Can you" goes such a long way, imo.

    The only thing that irks me as a healer is when people don't run back after a wipe, unless they've stated they need to do something and ask for a rez.

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