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    Quote Originally Posted by achromatickang View Post
    Or would it do more harm than good because there would be no point in getting Heroic raid gear as the unique color sets wouldn't matter?

    I could see that being a problem, but everyone gets Heroic transmog sets for free after the content becomes obsolete, so I don't know. Maybe make it to where only Heroic raid armor, and Elite PVP gear could be dyed?

    I personally love the dye system in Rift, and can think of a lot of Warcraft armor sets that don't look too cool with their default color, but would look amazing with a dye-job.

    The color of the armor/glows are not what is important to that Heroic, Thunderforged, or Elite gear. It is that little tag in green and the fact the gear is more powerful. Only fauxcores and their epeens care about the color and showing off.

    I would love to see an armor dye system, but it needs to be better than the one in other games. There needs to be full color control, not just just a couple large sections. We also need to let that extend to weapons and glows on both armor and weapons.

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    Yes, but since Blizzard opposes character customization at a philosophy/design level it will never happen.

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    Cant think on how many times ive already said it but its already world of color scheme... 3.... soon to be 4 levels of difficulty in raids and the only difference in the gear look is the color... at least in some pvp stuff helms/shoulders had more spikes or w/e the better quality you got.. or did they do away with that in cata? anyway its a horrible idea. the fact that they cant make gear sets anymore that mean something to the player like their old sets did says something. I dont remember last time I looked at my characters gear obtained from a current tier and thought yea i look badass now no need to xmog this... o wait yea i do that was in BC.

    It would just be something else to clutter up bag space which they STILL havent addressed all the vanity items tabbards still no more void storage slots or bank slots. Where pray tell you going to put dyes at? Ive main a dk since mid/late LK and I have no room. Any extra room I had went to void storage overflow. I could fill up the majority of my VS from my weapons alone.
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    Was just thinking about this yesterday actually.

    The thing is, armor dye would not work in the current model of WoW because blizzard colors gear differently as a sort of "prestige" to differentiate between normal/heroic or normal/season elite.

    In a perfect world, it would be nice if they could implement a dye system and instead of changing the color on the gear, they add on to the gear instead sort of like the difference between 10m and 25m gear in naxx (wrath)

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    Absolutely. Of course, though, it'd be about 2 seconds before every Paladin is running around in full black Judgement.
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    More customization features are always a big plus in MMO games in my opinion.

    It's a great idea.

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    When you can change the colour of tier sets, then the colour as a differentiation between them becomes pointless.
    At least let the looks of the heroic pieces mean something when earned.
    At least limit it to lower tiers when recent enough, and maybe certain pre-set colours only rather than free choice which I am not sure would even work.

    I would rather see the option to remove enchant glows.

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    I've always supported this idea.

    I was honestly surprised when I came from Dark Age of Camelot (where you could dye armor) and someone told me you can't dye in WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchor View Post
    Ofcourse it would be "cool" to be able to dye your gear.

    Honestly, I'm a bit confused why transmogging and gear customisation is so limited in WoW when you compare it to other MMOs of the same generation. (Rift, GW2, etc.)
    Gw2 only has like 9 different set models. that game has 0 customization when it comes to gear... "oooo cool, 500 dyes that i can put on 5 set of armor throughout the whole game. WOO"

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    Would be nice but it wouldn't be worth the 100 daily posts flaming Blizzard for wasting time and having no new ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavaalamp View Post
    Gw2 only has like 9 different set models. that game has 0 customization when it comes to gear... "oooo cool, 500 dyes that i can put on 5 set of armor throughout the whole game. WOO"
    23 unique armor sets for cloth, medium and 24 for heavy, thus making it 70 overall, and ~x2 that, because female versions are very different (sometimes). So about 130 armor sets. Not much, but still a lot, and certainly gives opportunities for distinctive outlook.

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    Think DCUO has the best imo.
    Add gear piece once, now you can make other gear look as gear you have previously equiped. And you can change the color too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megalithic View Post
    That would be a good way to bring some value back to the armor crafting profressions: tailors make dye for cloth, etc.
    The armor style professions have value with the haunted spirit of this tier items, and blood spirit of last tier. The true profession that should get armor dyes if ever implemented is inscription. Mostly due to how poor of a profession it is after the first month of the expansion due to the cards. Also it would make more sense to be inscription due to it being an ink based profession. Not to mention LW gets leg armors, BS gets belt buckle, Tailoring gets would make no sense to give those professions yet another item that would be used throughout the expansion when inscription gets the short end after the initial rush of the decks.

    EDIT: OT, yes absolutely. I think some of the current tier would look better with modified colors and it would give even more variations of looks through transmog.

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    It works for many games but for WoW I wouldn't be a fan.
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    Yes, i loved the dye tube in Ultima Online.

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    Yeah, that would be cool. I'd probably mess around with different colors if I could.

    It'd open up the possibility of people running around in pink/purple gear sets on blood elf warriors, but I guess I could deal with that.

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    There is already pink and purple armour in the game, dye isn't going to cause the apocalypse. I like it on Rift, but that was built from scratch with dye in mind. Changing the way gear works so late in WoW would probably be a huge task.

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    Well, it doesn't need so much work, if u think u can just do a "RGB-A" manipulation of the textures on the armors.

    Maybe the "Blue" won't be so blue, but devs can add it without too many efforts.

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    For such a supposedly innovative MMO, one wonders why it's not already in place (seeing how even older MMO's implemented it with no issues)
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    No thanks, not for WoW.

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