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    Has phasing gone too far?

    I used to think that one of the purposes for a guild was so that you'd have others with a bit more experience to help you complete quests or whatever, but it seems that Blizzard has taken this phasing stuff to the extreme, making it impossible to get help. I don't know about most people, but I leveled my hunter primarily through dungeon runs with the odd quest done while waiting in the queue. Last night I was flying around the Vale looking for something when I discovered a rare elite. He was surrounded by three other mobs and I wanted a little help. One guildie came to help, but couldn't because we were in different phases. I didn't even know that the Vale was a phased zone. The phasing seems a bit ridiculous to me since we don't all do the same content.

    Any tips?

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    It's not even half as bad as WotLK phasing.
    In MoP it's mostly the Vale and that's just a quest or two I recall.

    Best tip I can give you is just to solo the elite.

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    He should just do the vale gate quest...

    Phasing isn't going too far (actually MoP have way less zone where "hard phasing" prevent you to help someone VS cata), people are just lazy to do 3-4 quest.
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    Phasing helps progress story, if people don't wanna do the 3 - 4 quests to get into the next phase than thats there fault.
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    As people have said, the phasing there is ,quite honestly, minimal.

    If one being hampered by phasing in MoP, it's easily fixed (normally) by a very short time questing. They've come quite a ways with learning how to implement phasing, and it's become a lot better and it's locked out a lot less people. If one is locked out though, at this point it's only their fault.

    Phasing has by far improved them game IMO and story telling, and while it's not perfect and I don't think it'll ever be perfect, I think as it is now it's in a pretty good state, a lot better than the past!
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