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    i just made a new warrior and wow the spell for tanking are all over..

    i get thunder clap at level 20... or so how im i to keep things on me i don't even have cleave anymore... what happen.

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    It takes like an hour to get to level 20, and you can't even do a dungeon until 15... I'm not sure I see the issue with it.

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    thunderclap at 20 is a bit late, but once you have it, keeping aggro is easy as hell. Just do quests until lvl 20 or tab between mobs in dungeons, it doesn't take long to get to that level
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    If you're absolutely desperate to do 15-20 through dungeons, just tab target like in the good ol' days, and frankly even if you miss a few it doesn't matter; tanks are almost entirely unnecessary at that level.

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    Around that level, you don't really need an aoe, if you lost aggro on a mob, just hit it a couple times.
    - Depending if you have BoAs on the warrior, you can pretty much get to lvl 20 in 1 - 4 dungeons and it's only 3 dungeons available around that range.
    - The only mobs that really matter to keep aggro on is the bosses and not even they hit that hard.

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    Was wondering about it as well yesterday. Not sure what's the reasoning behind it. Ended up going dps till lvl 20. On a plus side lfg was full of monk tanks, so the queues were healer capped, but it's annoying anyway.

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    Druids don't get Swipe until level 22 also. It's really not a big deal, tab target and pick up most of the mobs and you'll be fine. A tank is just a bonus in 5-mans at that level.

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    From what I can remember, things will just naturally be angry at you with defensive stance that single target stuff is enough. Although it would have been nice to get it at 15( as should all tanking classes with their respective aoe), 5 levels without isn't that long and when you get it it's really good. Just relax a bit, the lower dungeons are easy. Rage seems a bit scarce though tanking levling dungeons, just a feeling I had.

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    Yeah, it's definitelly just a quality of life thing ... it would be good to have.

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    uhh attack mobs with something other than thunder clap?

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    Pretty much what everyone else is saying, tab target and things should stick to you just fine. Tanks aren't really that necessary at such low levels as Timmeh7 mentioned.

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    Revenge everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelmandan View Post
    i get thunder clap at level 20... or so how im i to keep things on me i don't even have cleave anymore... what happen.
    And this is news since when?

    It was always like that.... actually it used to be worse.

    And seriously there's like 2 dungeons before level 20 so how is that a problem!

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    15-20 w/o aoe spells for a tank isnt too bad. U still got shield slam, heroic strike, victory rush and taunt. And the mobs die in 1 second.
    And tbh, tanks are pretty much useless until lvl 50 or so.
    Me and my friend soloed WC with 2 rogues. And I had no heirlooms. So tanks are very useful yes. No one should be afraid to tank before they get an aoe because its super easy at that lvl. Well okay. its super easy at any lvl

    Edit: yes, we "soloed" WC ;P lol

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    You have plenty of abilities to start and the DPS can tank things. Get used to using things like Revenge and Shield Slam anyway as they're your primary rage generators as it is. Just tab-target like we did in the days of old before 500% threat.

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    I remember that thunderclap used to be like lvl 2 or 3 spell. Good old times.

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    if everyone else in the party lets the tank pull, then it's not a problem
    but of course you'll get that ranged dps in looms that'll just fire at anything

    i just let them beat on whoever pulled aggro.. they dont hit that hard at that level anyway
    if they dont like getting beat on, they stop and let me pull.. if they dont mind getting beat on, then i let them pull mobs while i walk past them and pull the next group

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    Quote Originally Posted by squid View Post
    Revenge everything.
    Revenge isn't available until 30, and Devastate isn't available until 26. Warriors are actually the worst off of the four tanks from 15-20 because they only have one reliable attack (Shield Slam) and Sunder Armor doesn't generate threat anymore.

    Even though tanks aren't really necessary at that level, it's still kind of screwy that Blizzard pushed all of the AoE attacks besides Keg Smash up to 20+.

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    Tab target things for 5 levels (30 minutes of effort), then thunder clap and win. /Thread.

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    I really started to enjoy my new warrior tank at 27 when I got the no-cost Devastate skill (damage and sunder all in one ? yes thank you), and once I get Revenge it's going to be even more fun.
    Honestly the warrior tank is the class/spec I had the least fun with the first 20 or so levels.
    Afterwards it starts getting better and better.

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