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    During the "A Little Patience" scenario Jinyu are still fighting with the Alliance in Krasarang, and this takes place after Jade Forest. There may only be a few of them left however. I kinda doubt the Horde has any real attachment to the Hozen though. Remember when they tore out that Troll's eyes? Not cool man.

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    With riko in durotar i would say its safe to assume the hozen are part of the horde

    But they will prolly be left on pandaria and not called up to fight in what ever far away land we find ourselves next and that includes the jinyu

    Who knows maybe a few hozen and jinyu will pop up from time to time but i doubt we will see there armies fighting our battles for us

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    I just consider them tribes of their respective factions and allegiances to us for now.
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    I was curious if we'd see Hozen in SoO, after playing through Grookin Hill again last night.

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    IF we ever do get playably Jinyu, I'd be disapointed if they didnt give us the BADASS Mucloc helmets that all the warriors were wearing to mog.

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