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    What siege of Orgrimmar? It's pillaging of Orgrimmar.

    I see no siege, hear no siege, say no siege. It's just the downright pillaging of Orgrimmar. Go in, get loot, get out.

    Which is kind of funny, cause then its acronym would be PoO.

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    I'm pretty sure it's a sacking.

    So it's still SoO. ;(
    If you are particularly bold, you could use a Shiny Ditto. Do keep in mind though, this will infuriate your opponents due to Ditto's beauty. Please do not use Shiny Ditto. You have been warned.

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    Since it involves siege weaponry, towers and escort protection, it makes a true siege.

    And like all true sieges, it does end up with pillaging, just like all the sieges in human history.

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    Im all out for changing the name for pillaging of orgrimmar. LFM 2 tanks for poo !!! Be geared and prepared.

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    I can almost guarentee that after the seige, Orgrimmars going to be in a state of destruction for the next few years or more, like Silvermoon is, or like Undercity. Pain in the arse but whatever.

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