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    This is getting a little far afield, but nostalgia is fun sometimes...

    The Warlock S Priest synergy was mostly due to Shadow Weaving which was auto-applied by S Priests and increased all shadow damage against the target by 10% and Improved Shadow Bolt from warlocks which left 4 charges on the boss giving another 10% increased shadow damage on shadow bolt crits. Direct shadow damage would consume the charges. So you wanted many warlocks spamming shadow bolt to keep those charges up. The increased shadow damage also meant that you got more mana returned by your shadow priests which lead to less time spent life-tapping by the warlocks and more damage (or more mana for your healers or a very lucky arcane mage).

    If you're curious about old spell versions, you can look up a bunch of it by going to one of the wikis and finding the old versions of the page.

    Edit: Scorch's fire vulnerability worked similarly as well and there were people who argued that a fire setup was viable with a mage scorching and fire destro locks. However, it was never as strong, and it was the fact that packing many shadow bolt spamming warlocks in made it easier to maintain improved shadow bolt at full stacks that lead to the class stacking we remember.
    Exactly. My raid ran at least 3 shadowbolt spamming warlocks and 2 spriests (me being one of the spriests). Between the improved shadowbolt debuff being up for most of the fight and shadow weaving always active our locks were able to do insane amounts of damage. One of our mages actually rerolled ret for Sunwell because he felt like he was falling behind.

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    I remember arcane having a very tight rotation that involved abusing the fact that the cast time for AB was calculated when you began casting, but the mana cost was calculated when the cast finished. Back then the AB buff granted a significant amount of cast time reduction and increased mana cost for subsequent AB casts. Just AB until you got full stacks, throw one AM, and a quick filler spell like scorch, and repeat. Worked out so that you began the first AB of the rotation with a full stack of the AB buff from the previous rotation, but by the time that first AB cast finished, you would have dropped the AB stack and would only be charged the normal mana cost. Not sure if it was the absolute best way to play arcane at the time, but I recall doing really well with it.

    ah... fun times.
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    Arcane had two possible playstyles near the end of the expansion.
    One was abusing the Manacost like Tisha explained. Generally you made sure you didn't have any haste on your gear and went ABx3 AM AM scorch repeat.
    The other one was all about stacking massive spirit, getting all mana buffs the raid can throw at you, spam AB and hope to keep it up until evocation comes off cooldown.

    At the start of the expansion, there was briefly an AM spam with AB filler style of play that was all about chaining procs of the Mystical meta gem (50% reduced casttime on proc). Every AM had 6 chances to proc it. Combined with Clearcasting this was a nice way to break the meters. This didn't last very long, sadly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spaace View Post
    If you were the solo mage, you had to scorch 5x D:

    It was pretty much fireball spam, throw those pyros in..

    Arcane was used w/4pc T5.. It was mostly viable then..

    Who remember AP/Frostbolt?
    Correcting you abit here, it was 2 piece that increased AB Dmg by 20% 4 piece tier 5 was useless for arcane.

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    Correcting you abit here, it was 2 piece that increased AB Dmg by 20% 4 piece tier 5 was useless for arcane.
    Wasn't it 4set which gave 70sp on spellcrit for 5 sec or so?

    In that case, it was freaking awesome for arc mage with crit/spirit build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasufer View Post
    Wasn't it 4set which gave 70sp on spellcrit for 5 sec or so?

    In that case, it was freaking awesome for arc mage with crit/spirit build
    The proc itself was nice, but you could get much better stats from equiping non set items.

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    I'm pretty sure the proc was legit too because it had no icd.
    But yah 20% AB dmg.. Hmm.. wonder if its viable now! ;d

    It's been friggin forever, even though I still got that shit in my bank.

    I remember we were doing naxx in wrath, with most of us still in sunwell/t6 gear Now 1 level and old gear is useless
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