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  • Vanilla

    62 10.49%
  • TBC

    297 50.25%
  • WotLK

    163 27.58%
  • Cata

    41 6.94%
  • MoP

    28 4.74%
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    BC, easily.

    I played a lock or course. Every set was god.

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    Including Challenge Mode sets & patch 5.4 Season 14 gear + bits of tier 16, I'd give MoP the best score without a doubt.
    At close 2nd it would have to be WotLk, with TBC & Cata tied up on 3rd (both have some amazing sets that individually I'd rank at the top, but overall most are average).
    Vanilla is just low def shiny stuff that looked good at the time, but now seems childish, too shiny and just not on par.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apathy - View Post
    Only good set personally in MoP is the sha infused clothing for warlock that's fucking amazing.
    The problem with the Sha Skin regalia, is that Warlocks have nothing to do with Sha. It's probably the best tier set this expansion, but that's not saying much. If we were talking about PvP sets though, I think this expac and Cataclysm had some pretty good ones.

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    Cataclysm. Yeah, yeah. Hate on me all ya want.

    T11s ranged from meh to bad, but at the very least they were all new and distinct looks and should be celebrated for that alone.

    T12s were all fantastic and stuck with the Firelands theme very well. 10 very interesting, elaborate and gorgeous fire themed sets. Great tier.

    T13s were... distinct at least. Every class got something new. Some of them were pretty kickass (mage, anyone?). But they were all new and interesting-- Deathwing Warriors, bone-golem-thing Death Knights, justice eagle paladins, etc.
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    T6 and T10 were the best overall-tiers.

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    TBC had some really nice sets, particularly liked Mage and Shammy T4.

    One of my all time favorites however is Warlock T8, too bad I don't have a Warlock because that'd be my transmog set for sure.

    Disappointed with the MoP sets in general so far, DK tier 15 is pretty cool though, especially the shoulders.
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    I think people forget that MoP has challange mode sets which are mostly awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvwaex View Post
    BC, but I love high fantasy shiny over the top armor...
    I'm with you. What is more over the top than a yellow, pink, orange, and red warlock tier with the Danzig goats head?

  9. #109
    Warrior T6.5 Sunwell gear by far ... then 6 then 4 then 5. T10 heroic and I loved heroic T11 ... I also think im the only one who ADORES warrior T9, both alliance and horde

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          Warr  Pal   DK    Hunt  Sham  Rogue Druid Monk  Prst  Mage  Lock
    D1/D2 good  good  -     good  fair  fair  fair  -     bad   good  good
    T1    fair  bad   -     good  good  fair  bad   -     good  fair  good
    T2    fair  great -     good  good  great fair  -     great bad   fair
    T2.5  bad   bad   -     good  good  bad   bad   -     bad   bad   bad
    T3    great bad   -     good  fair  fair  good  -     good  fair  fair
    D3    fair  fair  -     fair  fair  good  fair  -     fair  fair  fair
    T4/S1 great great -     great good  good  good  -     good  fair  good
    T5/S2 great fair  -     good  great good  good  -     great great good
    T6/S3 great great -     bad   great good  good  -     great bad   fair
    T6.5  good  good  -     good  good  good  good  -     good  good  good
    T7    good  fair  good  good  good  good  good  -     good  good  good
    T8    great great great good  good  great good  -     good  good  good
    T9-H  good  good  good  good  good  fair  fair  -     bad   bad   bad
    T9-A  good  good  good  bad   bad   good  good  -     good  good  good
    T10   good  good  great bad   good  fair  fair  -     good  fair  fair
    S5    good  good  fair  good  fair  good  fair  -     fair  fair  fair
    S6    good  good  fair  fair  good  good  fair  -     fair  fair  fair
    S7    good  good  good  fair  good  good  fair  -     good  fair  good
    S8    good  good  good  fair  fair  good  fair  -     fair  fair  good
    T11   good  good  good  bad   fair  good  great -     fair  good  good
    T12   fair  great fair  bad   great good  bad   -     good  good  fair
    T13   good  good  good  fair  fair  good  fair  -     great fair  bad
    S9    good  good  good  great fair  good  good  -     fair  fair  fair
    S10   good  good  good  good  fair  good  good  -     fair  fair  good
    S11   fair  great fair  fair  good  good  fair  -     fair  good  good
    Chall good  great good  good  good  good  fair  fair  fair  fair  fair
    T14   good  good  great good  good  good  fair  good  fair  bad   good
    T15   fair  fair  fair  bad   fair  great good  fair  fair  good  fair
    T16   good  ?     ?     good  ?     ?     ?     ?     good  fair  fair
    S12   good  good  great fair  fair  fair  fair  bad   good  fair  good
    S13   fair  good  good  fair  bad   fair  good  good  good  good  good
    S14   good  good  good  ?     good  fair  fair  good  good  ?     good
    most greats = TBC
    best overall = Wrath

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    As a paladin:
    TBC had the best sets overal.

    I mean Vanilla:
    Tier 1: bananaman
    Tier 2: legendary true enough
    Tier 3: white powerranger

    Tier 4: I loved tier 4 (without the helmet)
    Tier 5: Didn't like it much
    Tier 6: Godly, loved it even more then tier 2. My favourite set of all tiers in every expansion.

    Tier 7: redone tier 3, meh @ colours
    Tier 8: stupid helmet and lame oillamps as shoulders
    Tier 9: I loved tier 9 (most people do not), very knightly
    Tier 10: well it was decent, certainly a lot better then tier 8

    Tier 11: Actually pretty decent set - especially the normal one. Stupid me that I de-ed that set in favour of the heroic one.
    Tier 12: Bit meh. I didn't feel like a paladin in it. More like a priest.
    Tier 13: Nice try, but to elaborate on the winged helmet imo

    every tier: meh

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    Vanilla for me defo.
    I am a total sucker for ALL of the tier sets ( except mage T2 )

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    As much as I loved the WotLK tiers, and as much the Vanilla tiers had an old-timey feel to them, there is something about the TBC tiers that always really evoked power and authority, to me. Maybe it was because I started in mid-TBC and on Thunderhorn, where there were not very many who wore such garb. When you saw someone wearing it, you knew they were dedicated and one of the few on the server! WotLK, I started seeing how much easier it could be, though obviously WotLK's looked awesome, too.

    Cata was depressing, for the most part.
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    As a warrior i can say:
    (and it's my opinion)

    T1: looked dumb to me, lots of spikes and collar with spikes;
    T2: again looked dumb, might look funny on a gnome, but that's about it;
    T3: was kinda cool, but didn't look good on my orc;

    T4: looked great, the "four eyed" helm was most distinctive out of entire set to me;
    T5: looked lame, a horned jet;
    T6: was great, look like real warrior armor should look;
    T6.5: plate sets were nice, more fitting for paladins, but still nice

    T7: recolor looked worse than original;
    T8: was awesome, you look like a ram, so looked very appropriatly when charging;
    T9: was really dull and boring;
    T10: looked nice, except for shoulder;

    T11: hey crystals... reminded me of robocopt5paladin set, boring;
    T12: was great, detailed, and you pretty much wore a molten giant;
    T13: was probably one of my favorite sets overall, you wore chin of Deathwing, nuff said;

    T14: Shoulders and helmet looked really lame;
    T15: is pretty much a mogu costume, looks extremely funny on draenei;
    T16: is pretty much "we give up lets just throw some spikes, bones, hatchets on it, oh and glue some neons too!"

    Challenge set however is my favorite by far!
    PvP sets? Almost none, High Warlord, and the upcoming PvP set in 5.4 looks pretty awesome, i'll take it just for transmog!
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    What a surprise, everyone votes BC........

    The last tier of Cataclysm was perfect for Shaman.

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    As a Paladin, TBC had some of the worst tier sets I have ever seen for the class. Not saying all of them were bad (tier 6 is a fan favourite for a reason), but the crystal fad looked terrible on my class.

    WotLK gets my vote, especially since I enjoyed the tier sets (heck, tier 7 looked great on my character) as well as the PvP sets that came out at that time (the last season's PvP set... Gorgeous), which should be considered tier sets as well when the PvP seasons and raid seasons are just as long for every major raid patch.
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    Going with wrath; not a bad set in the entire expansion.
    I can't bring myself to vote for TBC simply because of tier 5 mighty morphing pally rangers.

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    Hard to say. Vanilla and TBC both had really awesome looking tier sets for the endgame gear (T3 and T6). I think TBC would slightly edge out vanilla because of how awesome warrior T6 looked, and because T4/5 looked pretty nice as well (I wasn't a huge fan of warrior T2 in vanilla). IMO, T6 with the heavy/solid construction look and spikes is definitely how a warrior is supposed to look.

    My current transmog set on my warrior is dual wielding Slayer of the Lifeless with a mix of Deathbone and S3 Gladiator gear (which is just recolored T6, but I used it because its color works better than actual T6 with Deathbone gear).

    I'm not a huge fan of most Wrath tier sets aside from T7 (which was just slightly recolored T3) and T10. I liked the Cataclysm warrior sets for the most part, but I was transmogging most things by that point to the TBC/Vanilla stuff, which looked cooler to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohleemar View Post
    What a surprise, everyone votes BC........

    The last tier of Cataclysm was perfect for Shaman.
    Oh a tier set hipster
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    TBC hands down. I mean I played a hunter then and I cannot think of a set I didn't love.

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