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  • Vanilla

    62 10.49%
  • TBC

    297 50.25%
  • WotLK

    163 27.58%
  • Cata

    41 6.94%
  • MoP

    28 4.74%
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    For shaman sets:

    Classic > BC > Cata > Wrath = MoP

    If shaman T16 turns out to be the set shown in the shaman forum (and on the general board) last week, flip MoP with Wrath. To be fair, though, there have been very few shaman tier that have been lackluster. T4 was a bit bland. T14 was terrible, imo (lol peacock).

    Now for overall? Oh god my brain hurts trying to think that one out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohleemar View Post
    What a surprise, everyone votes BC........

    The last tier of Cataclysm was perfect for Shaman.
    Thats because for almost every class it was the best in terms of tier gear. Obviously not for the shaman... I agree that the Cata ones were far better.

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    TBC.. now that i think of this it seems weird that they where not able to top TBC sets for so long

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    Mage T3 is the best mage set ever.

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    Vanilla had the best sets. Shoulders had a normal size instead of the SUPER MEGA ULTRA OVERSIZED BIG shoulders of the sets we have today.

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    I'd say BC is the best, but VERY closely followed by Cataclysm.

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    Definitely vanilla due to its tier 3 sets. The colour schemes and overal ideas were so different from what we've seen after that. I'm nostagically biased though.

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    As a Paladin: Vanilla and TBC. Hands down.

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    Burning Crusade! /period

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    Cataclysm imo, only a few sets i didnt like in that expac.

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    Dreadnaught is probably the coolest Warrior set but BC had some amazing sets. T4, 5 and 6 Warrior all looked sick.

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    As a lock, I really liked the cata sets.

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    Vanilla, most T3 sets are the best for all classes.

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    I reached max level for the first time in 3.3, so tier 10 just feels so familiar to me. I love all of the designs - back as a noob, they felt like "The ultimate armour sets" as it were xD

    These are my personal favourites from Wrath overall;

    - Most of tier 10, as I said
    - Mage, Shaman and Warlock tier 9
    - Warlock, Priest and Paladin tier 8
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    Now days you can't even tell which pieces are plate, leather, mail, etc. They all look the same, and they all look like props from a production of Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I want my plate armor to one, look like plate, and two, look FUNCTIONAL. I don't want 24 different colors and patterns, and I don't want spikes and adornments in ridiculous places, and I really don't want shoulderpads that are so big that my character couldn't see anything on his periphery. Paladin T4 and DK T10 are perfect examples of what plate armor should look like, not the abominations we have seen recently.

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    I've already voted TBC as the expansion but for each class I'd go with the following (and this is my personal opinion while playing each class):

    Warrior - T6
    Shaman - T5 (I play enhance so that set with the matching fist weapons from CoT Hyjal is great)
    Rogue - T2
    Paladin - T2
    Hunter - T1
    Warlock - T4
    Priest - T5
    Druid - T2 or T10
    Mage - T6 or T11
    Death Knight - T11
    Monk - meh

    Once again I am excluding PvP gear. There is a lot of PvP gear I love though. The 458 warrior gear is awesome and I'm currently working on the non-elite conquest Warlock gear.

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    I hate that I can only choose ONE expansion, I'd have voted both TBC and vanilla, but given that vanilla had lots of pretty poor looking tier sets(T1 T0) and generally the game feels like it's still in development, the vote goes to TBC, ZA/T6 sets for Shamans were amazing, T4/T6 for Druids were amazing, Glad sets for Warlocks, etc.

    But if I were to vote sets individually, the best sets were T2 Rogue, T2.5 Shaman and T3 Warrior hands down, they are still the best imo.

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    Vanilla or Wrath, I thought TBC's were too weird looking.

    MoP's are ridiculously awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    I am just voting for my own class now, and that would have to be TBC. The time when druid sets actually fit my vision of druids. Ever since then I find most druid sets to look evil or corrupted(or well... that's only halfway true, but I have liked nothing after T7). That's totally oposite of what I personally want my druid to be.
    Exactly my thoughts bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sazabius View Post
    Depends on the class.
    TBC was a fairly bad expansion if you were a DK >.> for DK WotK was good as have been most of their tier sets (I particularly like t12 firelands non-heroic on my fem nelf it looks angelic).
    Indeed, not evening exsisting is pretty bad! lol

    TBC Tier was my favourite, pretty much loved every Druid tier T5/T6 being my favourite <3

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