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    Alchemy vs JC

    I was wondering. I am thinking about dropping alchemy on this main toon of mine for JC for professions perks. Would it be viable to do so. I think in the long run because I mostly spend time on this toon.

    As a druid, I know either of them can be good. Right now all I really do is pvp, but I have to consider if I wanted to go back to raiding in this expansion or future expansion if this would be something that is worth considering. Any thoughts to help me waiver of this decision?

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    Alchemy is more fun imo. Output wise, I think it does compete with jc flasks giving you additional stats too.
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    I think from a hybrid perspective. If I go JC than I have my choice at Serpent Stones to use mixed stat gems vs straight up pure stat. It's not the 320 to pure stat that really concerns me. It would be 320 Agi (mind you constantly swallow 2 hrs to keep up) vs say, (Agi/Pvp Power) See what I mean?
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    If you are any spec that gems a secondary stat over a primary stat you lose out on stats by going JC. And the only mixed serpet's eyes are the primary stat + PvP power/Resilience which lost their luster with the pvp changes. You go agility on your druid. You will get the same exact bonus with alchemy. And the chance that they will choose to release epic gems and screw JC again of their profession bonus is also a downside.

    If you are wanting a profession with greater versatility on your stat bonus. go blacksmithing.

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    I have both.

    Prospect ores, transmute the low quality gems to rare (maybe get some procs too), cut rares or transmute them into primal diamonds (maybe get some procs) and sell or cut those.

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    If you're going to remain a dps exclusively, there's not much of a benefit from swapping alch to JC. Would only consider it if you were to go tank or healer full time for a raid guild. For pvp, you're fine as is.

    Oh, and the one perk about alch I love above all others: Mixology and the duration increase to flasks. Especially during Cata when a cauldron flask would last 4

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