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    Things to do in the middle of the night!

    So, I have quite an unusual topic here.

    After readibg some super wxciting Game of Thrones chapters, I have been finding it impossible to get to sleep, so I decided to go down and play some WoW.

    This got me thinking, what are some things one could do in the middle of the night to take advantage of the time and low population, when not many others are playing?

    Farm the TLPD? Mine some Ghost Iron? Blow through some Brawlers Guild ranks?

    What are your idead? Share them!

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    ERP in goldshire?.... I kid, I kid.. I don't know, go do battlegrounds and own up all the bots?

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    I always play WoW in the middle of the nigth. And farming stuff/doing the brawlers guild is indeed a lot easier.
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