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    Megaera, for example, was an absolute horrible experience to heal, not because it was hard, we got it down in the 2nd try, but more because I felt utterly useless at some points where I couldn't help with tank healing effeciently except for going Serenity, but I couldn't, because the raid needed my healing even more, it was just a mess. I ended up wasting tons of mana for flash healing the tanks when our disc ran to dispel herself, or poping ineffecient renew on them.
    Perfect example of how I felt doing 10man at the start of MoP, now when raiding 25 I don't FEEL those issues anymore (they are there of course, it's more like I cba to watch tanks because I would be in the same situation you just described regarding mana, but at least there are other healers to handle it in 25man). but yeah, it explains perfectly why Chakra just does not work, inb4 GC:"but it's so great and special", being totally ignorant about all it's flaws.

    That and because of our shit regen, other healers have been using the int flask for some time now and can go for some less spirit on items in general while we are still stuck craving for every spirit point which will hurt us badly in SoO.
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    Chakra is worthless.

    Doesn't have the same regen or comparable to disc. Not very unique. I want to play holy sometimes, but it just doesn't compete.
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    now that I think about it, this thread was probably a bad idea, i'll just keep my opinions to myself from now on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turskanaattori View Post
    Because GC plays disc as an alt and doesn't like holy.
    Truer words could not be said lol

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    There is no point to a thread like this that generalizes the entire class with nothing to back it up.


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