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    Buildcraft/Railcraft Power Plant ADDON idea..

    Just a suggestion...

    Basically have an idea for an addon that produces large amounts of power from a steam boiler type set up.
    Please Note, the items in quotations " " are items this idea will add and therefore don't exist...

    Basically the procedure would be as follows:-

    1: Create "Distilled Water"(liquid) by heating water in a "Distillery" that you can pump in and out of(one "Distillery" should provide enough for 4 boilers, see below) using very little power. The "Distillery" should also require a resource input(glowstone dust to draw out the impurities in the water?? one dust per bucket probably) to discourage people from just destroying the "Condensed Steam"(see below) in a void pipe avoiding building a cooling tower.

    2: A "Very High Pressure" (VHP) boiler that produces 40 steam/tick (double HP boiler) per boiler tank made from "Reinforced Steel Plates" (formed by putting 4 steel plates in a 2x2 in a rolling machine) in the standard 2x2 crafting table recipe to produce the boiler tanks.

    Uses standard liquid or solid fuel fire-boxes but only max size is available, 2000*C max temp, 10 hour heat up time(double HP although seems a bit too long?), same fuel efficiency ratio's as well.

    Can ONLY be fed with "Distilled Water" due to the higher temps and pressures, the boiler then heats the "Distilled Water" producing "Superheated Steam"(gas).

    3: "Superheated Steam" is then piped to either a "VHP Turbine" (with different/stronger rotors) producing 400EU/t or a "VHP Steam Engine" that produces 16MJ/t (double Industrial Steam Engine).

    This engine/turbine will then produce power and convert the "Superheated Steam" into "Condensed Steam"(liquid).

    Standard engine recipe but using "Reinforced Steel Plates"(described above) and "Reinforced Steel Gears" which are created with blocks of steel in a standard pattern around a stone gear.

    Need suggestions for the turbine and rotor recipies, I've never used the standard ones so can't think of a sensible way of making them a bit more expensive/complicated without overdoing it.

    4: "Condensed Steam" cannot be pumped out into the world as it is too hot but must be cooled in a cooling tower which is a multiblock structure with a 9x9/11x11 base and 13/15 blocks high(depends which looks better).

    Not expecting people to build the whole multiblock however. A single "Tower Block" placed in the center(much like the old forestry farms) will provide the point where you can pump in "Condensed Steam" and out "Distilled Water". Once this block is placed it will mark out the dimensions of the tower and have an inventory where the player can place the building materials which will be standard railcraft concrete, however many blocks will be needed. Then the "Tower Block" will create the tower, hopefully not in a "blocky" fashion but someting that looks cool with a bounding box a bit like the RP2 windmill.

    The "Tower Block" shouldnt be too expensive I think or people will just ignore the cooling tower and just destroy the "Condensed Steam", probably just steel blocks in the corners with Iron Tank Valves between and a concrete block in the middle.

    OR "Condensed Steam" can be stored in a tank...

    5. The "Distilled Water" can then be pumped back into the "VHP Boiler" with maybe a 1 or 2% loss each cycle. Much lower than real life but enough to make you think about a solution.

    What do you guys think??

    But here is the problem, I have less than no idea how to program nevermind mod but if someone is willing to take this up I'd be most grateful!!!

    Copy/paste from MCF and FTB where I posted with same name...


    EDIT#1:- Changed max temp from 4000*C to 2000*C, double HP boiler max temp now... Also stated that I've posted this in the FTB forum as well
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