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    Questions for Beta players

    I just have some questions regarding the levelling process in Warlords.

    1. What order of zones does the levelling follow?
    2. How extensive is the phasing?
    3. Where do the Alliance and Horde first come into contact (for PvP purposes)
    4. Where do you think the first major PvP conflict area will be in the zones?
    5. What level do we first get access to Ashran, and how?

    Bonus question for PvPers- What was your experience of World Pvp while levelling, and what are your thoughts on Ashran?

    Thanks guys!

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    1. You get prompted to go to a new zone every 2 levels.
    90-92 Tanaan Jungle + Frostfire Ridge or Tanaan Jungle + Shadowmoon Valley (alliance)
    92-94 Gorgrond
    94-96 Talador
    96-98 Spires of Arak
    98-100 Nagrand
    2. Garrison is phased, building outposts is probably phased, other than that I didn't notice it a whole lot and plan to speedlevel with a partner.
    3. Gorgrond, I believe.
    4. I imagine the focus will be on Ashran.
    5. This I don't know, but I know you get some Ashran related quest VERY early on in your garrison, but I never completed it.

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