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    [5.4] What have you missed? (Contains Spoilers)

    Hey there,

    I made a quick video about what has been going on these forums for the lasts weeks, for those who haven't had the time to check or didn't had the time to read all.
    This isn't all the news that has been going on these forums because then the video had to around a hour long, and i couldn't bare to make it that long nor i don't think i would ever be able to finish that x)

    I hope everyone is able to watch the video (because i had alot of problems with it uploading and had to do alot of stuff before i was allowed to upload this)
    If there are problems please tell me, i try to fix it then ^^

    Video Information:

    00:15 - Sound Files
    29:06 - Map Shots
    30:52 - Boss Models
    31:33 - Orgrimmar
    31:58 - Old World Changes
    32:24 - Rare Icon
    33:01 - Information (New Features)
    33:44 - PvP UI

    If there is anything you guys want to know about 5.4 you can post it here, i assume not just me but the rest of the MMO-Championers can help you with these questions.

    I hope the video learned you something of 5.4 [COLOR="red"]

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    I reuploaded the video, the last one did really strange on youtube, i don't know why.
    the new one works properly :3
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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