View Poll Results: Best tank for Challenge Modes?

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  • DK

    44 47.83%
  • Druid

    1 1.09%
  • Monk

    29 31.52%
  • Paladin

    10 10.87%
  • Warrior

    2 2.17%
  • doesn't matter

    6 6.52%
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    I did 9/9 as Guardian, I felt it was a way, way stronger tank than people claim. Currently doing them again as DK, I can see why people like them but still prefer my druid so far.

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    DK's & Monks seem to be the most popular from all the CM guides i watch, some of there slows & abilities trivialize some of the harder hitting trash mobs.
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    Ive been doing them as a guardian as i found balance at the nerfed IL to be shocking. Still me and my group have been doing them and getting gold easily enough.

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    Been doing them currently as a Paladin. Not been going too bad, but the Rogue in the group is the Guild's Main Tank giving me advice with him having done it on a Paladin and DK Tank. He said DK Tank was pretty good for getting Gold's.

    If aiming to make it into an art form/realm best then Monk (

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    Monks are the best for times, DK's require the least thinking from the healer's point of view.

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