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    Is there a bug that lets you cast/shoot while flying?

    So, here's what happened:

    I'm flying through Dustwallow March and into Thousand Needles on my lock, on my way to Tanaris to start the Uldum questline. As I crossed into Thousand Needles, and orc hunter passed by me going the opposite direction. I set myself on auto fly and turned my camera to watch, one: 'cause he's horde and it's a pvp server, and two: he was riding a cloud serpent... and I have ADHD when it comes to cloud serpents. So, of course, he turns his lvl 90 butt around and starts following my little lvl 83 self. Then he starts shooting at me....while mounted! Needless to say, I died in a few hits. I'm not angry about that, I chose a PVP server and its that time of the evening when everyone's on and the ganking skyrockets. But it honestly looked like he killed me and then kept merrily going on his way. I could be wrong, maybe my graphics lagged and he was falling with momentum or something. We were over Thousand Needles. He wouldn't have died hitting the water, but still, it really looked like he was still on his mount.

    Anyone else experience this? Or is my four year old laptop betraying me? I wish I could have grabbed screenies, but it all happened so fast... plus when I get ganked I kinda freeze up. I suck at PVP lol.

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    I have seen two counts of someone casting/attacking while mounted in the last month. Haven't heard anything about this bug, though--perhaps it is an exploit.

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    I often dismount and Goblin Glider after people. That allows you to attack, and since Hunters can use all shots (except power shot, non-glyphed aimed shot), you can get quite a few shots off.

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