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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil View Post
    Imho "melee friendly" can mean 2 different things:

    a) I can bring mostly melee and will still be fine.

    b) As a melee I can go autoattack afk on the boss while the ranged and healers have to do all the encounter-specific shit.

    I feel that while you wouldn't want to bring too many melee into a 10m ToT group, the melee you have can mostly just chill near the boss while somebody else has to deal with the boss mechanics (Jin'rokh ball lightnings, Horridon direhorn spirits, Tortos turtles etc.).

    We have to wait and see if it will be similar in SoO.
    For people who are actually progressing in guilds it's the former, so that's really the only important one to discuss. Whether people can afk on a boss you've already killed is pretty irrelevant, is it not?
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    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    I imagine it's a bit too early to ask whether it's melee unfriendly or not. This is the first cycle of boss testing and a lot of mechanics are still in the tuning/broken process. Probably a better idea to ask when 25-man testing starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    I imagine it's a bit too early to ask whether it's melee unfriendly or not. This is the first cycle of boss testing and a lot of mechanics are still in the tuning/broken process. Probably a better idea to ask when 25-man testing starts.
    well feel free to post whenever you want it's a general question im also reffering to the future bosses so keep this thread updated ^^
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Checksmix View Post
    No. You can't do Durmu with 50/50 due to icewalls. You can't do Lei Shen 50/50 due to lack of people soaking and ball lightning. You can't do Ra-den 50/50 due to inablitiy to kill balls. Iron Quon is 50 times eaiser with more melee than ranged (surprisingly). Ranged are needed for Council, and perform 500% better due to multi dotting. Can't do Tortos due to inabiltiy to kill turtles when your melee.
    Actually, you can. I haven't raided this tier in 25-man so I'll just assume everything from a 10-man perspective. Durumu is a better fight for ranged no doubt due to being able to dps ice walls at ranged, adds during spectrum phases etc. Nevertheless it's still very doable and quite easy with a 50/50 split.

    Lei Shen is actually easier to do with more melee since you have less abilities to worry about and an easier P3 overall as melee. In addition, if you just bring say 2 ranged and 2 healers, you'll have a very easy time only spawning 3-4 ball lightning and an easier time spreading for diffusion.

    Ra-den is def. easier with ranged, but it's still doable with a 50/50 split between melee and ranged dps. Although Council is a strong fight for many ranged due to multi-dot purposes, you really don't need that many ranged dps. If anything it would be to have less of a hazzle with Twisted Fates. By minimizing the amount of ranged on a fight like council you can easily avoid Frostbite by having rogues use Smoke Bomb, Paladins pre-HoP, or ranged themself using an immunity pre-frostbite (i.e. Ice Block).

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    Out of all the fights tested so far, there only was 1 where I played my main (rogue). While I'm sure that I could sit on the boss only for a few of the other fights, there would be no logical reason to bring melee over ranged on any of these fights but 1.

    It sucks.

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    So you quit because your own ego and personal situation in a team based game is going to be mildly impaired on a few fights? I call bullshit on you quitting, and this is nothing but another "Blizzard gone and fucked up" thread.

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    This tier wasn't that bad at all aside from Horridon. Lei Shen heroic at least on 10 man is incredibly melee friendly, unless you bring more than 5 melee DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammypie View Post
    melee friendly would be more like garajal with 0 dps doing pheromones
    Gara'jal... Pheromones.

    Ok I do get it, both bosses are melee friendly because they become punching bags after you specificaly take the one task away that stopped the boss from being a patchwerk fight.

    Gara'jal was this expansions Patchwerk and Garalon was this expansions melee friendly fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhippa View Post
    Agreed. Nowadays if people ask how melee unfriendly a fight is, they should specify what they mean by it being unfriendly.

    Melee unfriendly in my eyes describes a fight like heroic Ascendant Council in tier 11 (before the changes) was where you simply couldn't bring more than a few melee, if even that. However, half the time people insist that a fight that requires melee to sometimes actually do something (read: isn't a patchwerk copy) is "melee unfriendly." Unless most melees are noticeably behind every ranged in DPS, the disadvantages to melee were acknowledged and kept in mind when the fight was being balanced. Most melees, not just your raid group's melees. According to my experiences, those fights are extremely rare on live realms.
    oops this complete accuracy. God forbid Melee have to step away from the boss for five seconds. ~lost my #4 spot on recount blizz hates melee~

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    Since there are only like 1-2 fights every tier where melees are actually better. And with casters doing dps on movement heavy fights there is no reason to really take more than 2 melees.

    Plus the fact that melees are more likely to die, due to insane burst in melee range (horridon, twins, primoridus).

    having 2 melees and 3-4 caster is the best way to go in SoO again, having 3/3 is fine but it makes some fights alot harder. Look at how much dps caster do nowadays while running especially OP warlocks.

    oops this complete accuracy. God forbid Melee have to step away from the boss for five seconds. ~lost my #4 spot on recount blizz hates melee~
    having 2 melees step away from a boss for 5 seconds on a heroic encounter during progression on a tight enrage is like the best example why melees are not favored, stepping away for 5 seconds every 30seconds is 10 seconds per minute where they cant do dmg. And the lack of multidot/high ranged aoe. Same reason top10 guilds took alot of SPs during progression on heroic lei shen due to not beeing able to do dmg while running. Same goes for melees you dont take classes that can do dps on a boss for a period of time. You take melees for bosses where you need cleaves for adds like twins. But tanks do alot more cleave dps atm.

    And the example arhippa mentioned maybe an extreme before changes, but heroic guilds will drop melees if they have to and they do it.

    Yes melees are good on some fights, rogue on tortos, shamans on iron qon, etc. But taken all 13 heroic encounter 10 favour range, and even if melees are not as bad they are still only as good as ranged on the rest.

    Garalon was this expansions melee friendly fight.
    until they nerfed the cleavemechanics on that fight, and it didnt really matter anymore if you take melees or ranged.

    Gara'jal was this expansions Patchwerk
    that favored multidot classes like moonkin/wl/sps.
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    if you go 2 healers/2 tanks you expect 6 dps. Which 2 or 3 of them can be melee.
    If you have to deal with spinning turtles, soaking clouds, kill ranged adds then ofc its better to bring extra ranged instead of a melee if your 3 range people cant manage them.
    This kind of mechanics were always in game

    But i have to agree that from the above table
    you have 3 melee classes(DK , rogue, warrior)
    you have 2 class that can dps only as melee but they can heal (monk , pala)
    you have 4 ranged classes(Hunter, mage, warlock, priest)
    and you have 2 hybrids (druid , shaman)

    you have 1 melee as pure dps and 3 ranged as pure dps
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    I wonder what ilvl you need to enter Siege of Orgrimmar?

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