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    The hell? If It's f'ing red it's dead that's what most should be thinking about.

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    If it's Tauren(Male), Undead(Male), Goblin (Any) then I go for them without a second thought.

    However the others seem less annoying.

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    On a side note, I play almost exclusively female gnomes and they're great in random bgs for kiting masses of horde players. Especially on my healing monk heh.

    Makes flag capping for the rest of my team easier

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    I only gank 90ies players. I do not care what race, class or gender they are. I do not care about their health bars or their gear. They must be on my level. I have to visit crz zones like black portal, hellfire peninsula and hyjal to meet one of the opposed faction.

    ganking lowies is stupid and unfun. there are more creepy ways to play with lowies. Like using frost nova on one of them and slap them with the bare fists into the face until they push alt+f4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    In bgs I do go for female gnomes first, the noises when you hit them make me laugh:}.
    Undead females have a ridiculous death noise, too. But unfortunately i play horde, just noticed it in a dungeon, when an undead female mage died so often. I am all to remove factions finally, there is no war after garrosh and there was no serious war before garrosh, and make the game FFA, kill or be killed.

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    same if you are nab enough to roll on High opposition faction PvP server in this game doesn't matter gender Red=gank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathtalk View Post
    Hi i wanted to know who you think gets ganked more male or female
    characters. I was leveling my level 80 night elf who happened to have school girl clothes on (transmorg gotta love it!) but i was just leveling that character with that outfit on and as being a fairly high populated horde server (tichondrius)i ran into 3 Horde 90's ...who all just followed me around for a little bit then eventually left.
    would love to see a picture of your horny night elf.

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    I don't mind which gender is my opponent, I still like killing everybody.

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    I gank all toons regardless of race, gender, or level. If its red its dead, nuff said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lakisa View Post
    same if you are nab enough to roll on High opposition faction PvP server in this game doesn't matter gender Red=gank
    next time i play this game(quit after 5.3) i will level toons on a balanced server with 1:1 faction balance. should be more interesting as i only care for 90ies.(but i want to gank and mutilate them) end level chars tend to fight a bit, unlike low level chars, thats too boring for me. If you have lot of cc you can use that on them to make them angry, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RagequitTheShaman View Post
    Being an Enhance Shaman, if I see another Enhance Shaman I will kill them no matter the level. So I would think it wouldn't matter the sex of the character, but the race/class
    That's a weird reaction, Priests generally don't gank other priests unless it's a personal rivalry (and usually I don't sully my hands with priest-blood, I just call in an orbital rogue-strike).


    If I gank, I gank based off class, not gender.
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    Being on a pretty low pop server, I gank based on guild. If they are from one of the PvP guilds or 'elitest' PvE guilds, I'll kill them. If they are in a levelling or social guild and left PvP on by accident or something, i'll normally leave them.

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    Doesn't make a difference to me. I will go out of my way to gank every Alliance I see.

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    i go out of my way to kill male draenei.
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    doesn't matter, i kill anyone with a red name, but i do have priority targets;

    human females are no.1 targets, no matter what else is there i always kill that first when ganking,
    2nd is pandas, any gender.

    i don't kill taurens though, they are too cool, they look too sweet.

    but im not too fussy when it comes to ganking alliance, i'll kill them all.
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    If people gank based on gender or appearance they're doing it wrong. If it's red. It's dead. Remember that golden rule?

    Follow it.

    The only acceptable time to make distinctions on attacking a player is if you're dressed in tissue paper and the target in question is outfitted in this months latest vogue PVP arena set.
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    I don't know, as soon as i spot a low level, he/she gets mowed down by the PLOW OF DEATH.

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    I pretty much gank all female characters. The extremely low chance of it actually being a female keeps me from feeling bad.
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    Does anyone here honestly thinks that the sex of an avatar matters in PvP? (leave alone for anything ingame)

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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    In bgs I do go for female gnomes first, the noises when you hit them make me laugh:}.
    Haha yes I love those noises too Ayeeeeee .. I laugh also but I feel sad simultaneously :s Male Gnomes laughing at me when I get gang banged also makes it okay for me, I don't hate them all if one Gnomes /laughs or /cries.

    On topic, I suddenly remember from some BGs a very distinct hatred for Female Draeni Shamans. The way they come at me, just looks ugly and pretentious.
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    I don't even register a character's gender most of the time when I go to attack them. I just look at the little box that tells me class, race, and level. And then I consider the best way to open.

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