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    Rogue PVP spec

    Hey guys. My main char is a rogue, I tried assassination sometimes in early MoP, but subtelity just felt better, lesser time on Cooldowns more control etc...
    A few days ago started with assassination again as I was feeling that Subtelity didn't have enough "sustained pressure" on targets, been doing really well in these last days. I would like to know your opinions on this topic :
    Rogue : Subtelity, Assassination or Combat ?

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    Tbh all are quite viable, there are slight differences but nothing too drastic. Sub is worst imho, but not be a large margin, it still has superior cc (dance>sap), combat does better burst while assa gives more in-between cd sustained damage.

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    Assassination - sustained damage,
    Subtlety - bigger burts.

    I have been playing both in MoP and stayed Subtlety, Shadow Dance is really good CD, mixed with Shadow Blades and Sanguinary Veins can really do amazing damage.

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    Well as I said above, I returned to assassination a few days ago, It's amazing the pressure you can give out of CD's to a team. and the Burst on cd's... Simply amazing. Still I think on 3s sub may be better depending on the comps, pressure isn't everything imo.

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