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    Quote Originally Posted by trav126 View Post
    OP by your logic we should have just let Adolf Hitler take over the world.
    You have issues with reading comprehension. Here is what he said:

    Why not just pound the Sha out of him
    By OP's logic hitler case would be pound the Nazi out of him. He tries it again? pound out of him again? Until he gets the point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Are all humans in wow racist fascists who regard all none humans as abominations? Because I swear thats what all humans are like in wow.
    Against orcs? Yup.
    How about night elves, are they all xenophobic?
    Thats right, as you try and typecast orcs into one catagory so you can understand them easily, I can do exactly the same to alliance races.
    And that is pretty much why we still have PvP in WoW universe.
    But unlike you, I know none of its true, since there are many characters in the lore who show they are not the sum of there supposed stereotype. Saurfang, Rexxar, Eitrigg, Gorgonna, Thrall, Aggra, Rehgar Earthfury, orcs of the earthen ring. With humans you have Anduin, Tirion, most of the argent crusade.
    That's still 20 or so units out of millions in the world. Go figure.
    Just because you have characters like Garrosh and Varian floating around doesn't mean its the sum of all the race.
    Loud minority always sum of all the race. and silent majority allows them to do so... every... single... damn... time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Medium9 View Post
    I'd prefer being shot by a terrorist than living in a country where they serve bread baked with a little cheese and a bottle of ketchup to complete your "pizza margeritha".

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Man View Post
    I'm confused, being an Orc what has Garrosh done wrong that grants him death?
    I think, the thing is, Garrosh represents what the Horde was not supposed to be. The orcs were done with conquest, and the Horde was formed as an alliance between races with rather separate interests, but one key interest in common - a desire for a place to live free from oppresion. The orcs helped the Tauren and Trolls, then later the Goblins. The Forsaken helped the Blood Elves. They've all helped each other in some way or another. I think, far more than in the Alliance case, the Horde model prior to Garrosh granted greater sovereignty to each individual faction within their own territory. If you were an Orc going to do quests in Forsaken territory, you were less a 'soldier of the Horde', but more an 'envoy/reinforcement from Orgrimmar'. Along those same lines, if Orgrimmar pledged reinforcements for Lordaeron, that wouldn't necessarily mean you'd see any Taurens or Trolls going. Horde leaders and factions had a greater capacity for self-determination.

    Interestingly, I've always seen the Alliance as more unified and singular society, but recently they seem to exemplify what the Horde used to - the Dwarves have been so introspective since the loss of Magni and the formation of the Council of Three Hammers. The Night Elves, apart from their commitment to the effort in Pandaria, seem to enjoy a high level of autonomy. This is interesting to me, because it all seems to have unfolded at the same time the Alliance got something that they hadn't before then, that the Horde did - an analogue of the Warchief, the "High King".
    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunkette View Post
    Didn't help that he had Sky Admiral Warcrimes McEvillaugh flying his airship for him.
    hi im tydrane from dranasuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    You know aside from the crazy war crimes, Garrosh is a competent leader. Remember he's the reason Orgrimmar is a bustling city with food and grog, and not a line of straw tents dying of famine.
    So we are ignoring the slums and deprivation of non-Orcs now are we?

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