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    I would like to see very limited map editor where you could add all kind of ramps in the map and maybe some speed boost thingys :]
    Countryside is also very welcome.

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    GTA4? Its the worst GTA4 of them all by far. They removed A LOT of stuff you could do from GTA San Andreas. GTA4 have no "forest" or mountains, just concreat. GTA4 was just bad. GTA5 seem to go back on the right track though.

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    is GTA4 overrated? i think so. It had too many clunky mechanics to be a 95% type of game i see everywhere at the time.
    i was a good, ambitious and fun game, but needed a lot of polish, especially the combat system.

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    I still think GTA 3 was the best. Maybe having a silent character allowed me to put myself in his shoes instead of having to play someone with a premade, annoying personality that I could never relate to. But, I suppose all of them since then have been good too. I would never call GTA 4 the best game ever made, or even close, but the series is still quite amazing and deserves good ratings.

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    The only GTA I played was San Andreas and I enjoyed it very much.
    I had GTA 4 too, but frankly, I just didn't really get into it. I played it for, like, half an hour and then never touched it again.

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    Personally, I didn't like GTA4. Vice City still remains my favourite, followed by San Andreas. Dunno about it being overrated though. Heck, define overrated. Is something overrated just because you don't like it while everybody else does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattleya View Post
    Personally, I didn't like GTA4. Vice City still remains my favourite, followed by San Andreas. Dunno about it being overrated though. Heck, define overrated. Is something overrated just because you don't like it while everybody else does?
    Vice City is also my favorite, Tommy Vercetti was the man (recently found out that he was voiced by Ray Liotta)

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    5 Years later the game is still phenomenal and keep played by many people. This is not something that happens to overrated games, don't you think?
    It's just that SA introduced many people to the GTA series and a lot of them wanted a SA 2, but Rockstar had a different idea of how the next installment of the series should be.
    The game was not overrated, it was just a little different.
    This is why I respect the company so much, because they are not afraid doing what they want (unlike other companies I can think of..).
    They wanted to make a more real, darker and serious GTA game, with actual character development and a cinematographic story telling? They did it.
    They wanted to revive a setting that was niche and never really successful in their own style? They made RDR.
    They want to make an noir crime-thriller type of adventure game in freaking 2011? They made L.A. Noire. (along with Team Bondi ofc)
    You can either love it or hate it, Rockstar is not the company that will listen to every single entitled brat that rages on the internet. The Houser brothers do what they feel like doing and they write what they feel like writing.
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    I though the first few minutes of GTA 4 was very poorly executed. You were introduced to a bunch of shit cars that were not that fun to drive and the story did not really grab you at all. It felt like an attempt to be really serious about everything, but as you progress it became the same old GTA humor and such, the handling of the vehicles was more realistic(and more fun imo), there was a better engine to mess around with but they did have the whole bowling/dating thing that was an absolute misfire. It somewhat gives SA a run for its money overall imo but is really VERY iterative. Calling it revolutionary has to be some kind of joke... I can take people rating it very highly but it does not exactly exude originality.

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    Couldn't top Vice City

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    GTA IV was vastly over-rated yes.
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    GTA 4 was the hole Liberty city yes? If so, can't say I played it.

    I did however play trough Vice city near to the end, and San Adreas I played alot, when I was youngere Many years ago by now. Still think that SA/Vice city were great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    I'm skeptical because while the game is still so damn amazing and ingenious when you play it today, on the other hand, most critics on the Internet claim it is one of the most revolutionary games of all time, having the highest Metacritic score, and Im curious on your thought of that.
    You are comparing a game that was released in 2008 to games that have been released over the last 5-6 years. It completely revolutionized gaming in that time when it came out in the sense where the player has complete and utter freedom to do what they like. Its your world and its the epitome of a "sandbox RPG".

    Again I just find it absurd when people compared GTA 4 to previous games. I mean each GTA game has had a unique setting. So anyone expecting forests, and deserts in Liberty City (New York City), please think twice what you are asking for. GTA San Andreas had a big map, sure. But I've never seen a world as detailed and immersive as GTA 4 before playing Skyrim.

    GTA 4 actually makes you blend in. Not only that, but the graphics and game play was pretty good. A lot of people were pissed of with the vehicle handling cause it was realistic. They expected vehicle handling similar to previous GTA games. That is one thing I loved about GTA 4, you actually required skill in driving your vehicle. Not just pulling of a sharp turn or stopping immediately on breaking. It was revolutionary in the sense, it defined what an open world RPG should be like. If you compare GTA 3 and GTA 4, you can actually see how far the series has progressed.

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    Not a huge fan of GTA IV, the driving and overall character control as well as most of its story was rather disappointing (and my hopes weren't high in the first place). Still a huge fan of GTA:SA and hit up SAMP from time to time ^^

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    GTA IV was really good but it didn't deserve 98 metacritic score imo. There are games I enjoyed more that have a lower score.

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    I think it is somewhat overrated, yes. I think it felt a lot more linear than previous titles, and I felt compelled to progress rather than wander around. It also lost a lot of the unique humour of previous GTA titles.
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    I beat the game once, and every now and again I'll go back to it but it never really sticks enough for another full play-through.
    I think Niko's arc started off strong but then as others have said I doesn't really go anywhere. The dating just gets tedious too (Hey 'Michelle' if you're not gonna get falling down drunk when we go to a bar, why can't you drive us home?)
    The radio was a bit of a disappointment for me in IV too. Sure there was 'independence FM' but nothing that really made me want to sit in the car until the end of a song before starting a mission.

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    I've clocked well over 1200 hours and still enjoy the randomness and chaos of multi-player. The single-player got a bit old, but it lasted far longer than most games out there.

    Niko is a very under-rated character. He whined a bit at times, but things like that give characters depth. He's a far better character than anything in WoW I can tell you that. The driving took some getting used to, but when you've played as much as me its face-roll. The modding on PC is freaking epic. The story is also very interesting but didn't involve Niko enough is certain ways. I cried a little when Roman died.

    GTA 5 is going to be better in my opinion. Everything GTA 4 and San Andreas had combined and more.

    I can understand the disliking on GTA on this forum. Most people on here are into fantasy and RPGs, no crime, drugs and drama. I'm here because I like the keep up with WoW. I've never been able to take a fantasy storyline seriously, aside from LOTR because I grew up watching it over and over again.

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    If you want to discuss GTA4, create a proper thread. "Is X overrated" does not invite constructive conversation.

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