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    1. Ulduar
    2. Ulduar
    3. Ulduar
    4. Ulduar
    5. ToT
    6. Naxx 2.0 (yes yes I am mad but i liked that place)
    7. Kara (was my entry into raiding)
    8. BT
    9. Ulduar (yes again Ulduar)
    10. the rest
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    Even though I didn't play back then, Ulduar is my favorite raid out of all raids in the game, with the second being karazan. I wish I'd have playd back then when it was current. The visuals, the music, the lore, the bosses and the mechanics.

    Oh Ulduar, always shall I remember the mountains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    The devs told us, when they made ulduar, it was aimmed at being on par with ulduar in terms of scale and bosses.
    Well... I think they had right.

    But to be honest:
    Ulduar is still better, it has better bosses, and it was in Storm Peaks, Algalon is Herald of Titans, the titans city atmosphere is much better than rainy old citadel.

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    It's very close.

    While Ulduar has some bosses I disliked, it also had several that make my top ten list. Throne of Thunder doesn't have any bosses I hate, but it also don't have any that I am completely in love with, either.

    I think Throne of Thunder has better boss:trash ratios. Much of Ulduar's trash was too dense or too time-consuming. The only place in Throne where trash quantity seems inappropriate is that the route to Council feels like it has a few too many packs.

    I think Throne has been very good at making use of new mechanics without feeling gimicky or annoying, which Ulduar was prone to.

    Ulduar had teleporters to get around, which I think it's much better than the 'zone-in-and-we-drop-you-halfway-in-with-no-way-back-out' shit that is common this expansion.

    I like optional detour bosses, which Ulduar had three of (four if you count Algalon). Throne has none.

    Although linearity isn't as big a deal to me as many others, I like the ability to mix up boss order at least a little bit, which again puts Ulduar ahead.

    Ulduar had some very breathtaking visuals like seeing Algalon for the first time, or riding the tram to Mimiron, but I think overall Throne is much more visually appealing.

    I like that Throne has weekly quests inside.

    I like that Ulduar had perks like flowing picking in Freya's room, or a chance to skin bike parts from Mim or XT.

    Both have totally huggable bosses in Horridon and General Vezax.

    Throne of Thunder has trolls! Troll race best race.

    Ugh, Throne of Thunder has trolls. No more troll instances!

    I love the Thunderforged concept.

    Despite the system's limitations, I liked th activated hardmodes of Ulduar.

    Ulduar supposedly wins in lore, but I'm not a lore junky.

    In the end, they are pretty close, but I think my immense fondness for the Mimiron and Yogg-Saron fights pushes Ulduar ahead.
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    Ulduar for me, although that one was not that great either. If I were to make a list that one wouldn't make top10 and it would mainly consist of Vanilla/TBC raids since back then the art choices and the feel/atmosphere/music/art was at their best, and that is important to me since I'll be in there for god knows how many hours straight and I want to get a good 'vibe' from the instance itself.

    TotT lacks a great atmosphere imo, it feels really random (spiders/trolls/robots/dogs/dino/twins/snails/bats w t f) and there is no real cohersion for me. Also, the instance is really bland and boring graphic wise, feels really dark but not in a good way (Good way dark would be: Naxx40 , Karazhan), TotT is just bland. Boss fights also not really interesting, I only like to do Iron Qin, rest is just not working for me and Council/Primordius/Twins/Lei-shen are one of the worst fights of WoW imo, especially Lei-Shen.

    @above ^^ Yeah forgot about the tram, that was very cool and I would like more of those things in raid instances, like the AQ40 mount etc.
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    Ulduar, and its not even close to a contest. I loved the non-linearity, the lore around most bosses, the different area's like Freya's and Mimoron's room, freaking Yogg Saron. Throne of Thunder is okay, but felt kinda dull. Maybe if LFR didn't exist I would've found the place much more epic.

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    Ulduar wins in visuals, music and layout.

    Throne of Thunder wins in encounters and lore, and I hold those two things of much higher regard than the others. Thus Throne of Thunder wins for me.

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    Ulduar wins. I Raided both when they were current as a 25 man group.
    1.- The fights in Ulduar had a better difficulty ramp up. TOT was kinda bad. First boss easy,second hard, 3rd hard ,4th easy, after that it was like being in a completely different tier until Lei Shen. This was the biggest let down. Lei Shen was a fun end tier boss but a ton of RNG caused issues.

    2.-AS far as layout TOT felt like you were in a closed word, the only choices you had were the trash in the beginning, and before horridon....which side do I take...In WOTLK and BC all the raid instances had that open choice feel. Oh this boss is tough? try this other one. SSC, TK, BC, (Sunwell Didnt but it wasn't made for normal raiders) Nax 25, Ulduar, (TOC was crap) ICC. All had choices to make in terms of progression. Naturally people follow the same path but it makes the raids feel more more like an open world....

    3.- Gimmicks - Ulduar had one of the few usable Legendary items (didnt get it at the end of the expansion) But thunder forged items were a nice touch, as well as the weekly quests (what happened to these btw). Shadow Pan Assult rep catch up was nice to help fill in those pieces that didnt drop for you with current teir ilvl.

    side note-t14 was not linear....granted the individual raids were but you could stop working on a hard boss in HOF and move to TOES or MSV. I liked the mulitple raid instances in the release patch.

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    Karazhan is better than both.

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    The problem I have with ToT compared to Ulduar is that ToT is so brown and dull. Ulduar was more bright, colourful and vibrant. This was also reflected in the gear which had a lot of detail and variety of colour. ToT feels like one long brown tunnel which you trudge through. I suppose you could argue that it had to be like this to fit with the climate and ecosystem of the Isle of Thunder, but I don't know. It all feels very boring to me. Karazhan is another great example of bright and colourful raids with a ton of variety throughout.

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    I think though, this is one of the best expansions for raiding though if you pretend LFR doesn't exist. After Blackfuse and Paragons last night, Siege is going to pretty good aswell.

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    For me ToT was just under ulduar until it got to the end. Then it dropped way behind.

    There were some nice new features and mechanics in ToT which I enjoyed, flying on Ji Kun, beams on Durumu, the pink dino on Horridon. And Lei Shen was a pretty epic final fight, our guild finished behind our target this tier and 3 of the guild who rival us all took Lei Shen (heroic) down a few hours before us. When we found out, people were quite demoralized about it, however when we got our kill, there were pretty epic nerd screams, as it had been such a struggle. If the tier had ended there, I would have been very satisfied in it.

    Ra-Den however, was nothing but a huge let down. I have never been so disappointed in an end tier boss, and in comparison with Ulduar (Algalon), this encounter was pathetic. Once you get past the player rotations in P1, youre pretty much guaranteed a kill, and that does not take long, for any guild.

    So to sum it up, ToT had great points about it, but was let down massively by its ending.

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    ToT has more longevity, the only fights that challenge ToT from Ulduar are Mimiron and Yogg, perhaps Thorim, the rest are bland and boring.

    Ulduar got boring fast. Of course being years old makes most people forget that.
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    Nostalgia is going to have Ulduar win out. I dont even have to see the results to know this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    Nostalgia is going to have Ulduar win out. I dont even have to see the results to know this.
    That's because it was the first raid with hard modes, ignoring sarth 3D and the bug family trio before that.
    but due to the fact that ideas would run out it will be the only raid to trigger hard modes like that so it will always be that special nostalgic gem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slenderman View Post
    Karazhan is better than both.
    Environmentally it certainly is. But so is BT (IMO)

    ToT to me is like that one really long (or double) album from one of your favorite bands... the one that when you listen to it, you say "if they had just gotten rid of these couple of songs, this album would be fantastic".

    I'd say about 1/4 of the bosses in ToT are simply not fun encounters at all, which brings it from 'really good' status to just... well, big.
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    I still find Ulduar overrated though I love it to death, and the work that went into ToT is EXTREMELY noticeable.

    ToT for me.

    Also, for those of you complaining about ToT's trash, do you not even remember how horrible Ulduar's trash was?

    Clearing every watcher's room?

    The shit show that led to Mimiron?

    The trash before Ignis?
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    The bosses's mechnics itself are better in ToT but Ulduar's environment is a bit better because it's not linear. The only fights in Ulduar that is as complex and interesting as many fights in H ToT are Mimiron and Yogg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    Nostalgia is going to have Ulduar win out. I dont even have to see the results to know this.
    Lack of troll bosses, less flat-out annoying encounters, and a more immersive overall atmosphere is what makes it an easy win in my eyes.
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    I don't really know how you can rate ToT above Ulduar if you have done both.

    Ulduar had -

    flame leviathan (love it or hate it - personally I liked it because it was something new that they tried to experiment with and it broke the mold)
    trigger-able hard modes that actually made the fights different
    non-linear progression
    mimiron and yogg saron HM (still two of the best hard mode fights ever)
    interesting premise and lore IMO

    What does ToT really have? Lei shen is a great fight on heroic, but most everything else is kind of just typical heroic with harder hitting stuff and one or two more abilities added on. Ji-kun and Durumu are the only other fight I can think of in there that are unique and kind of fun, but even then, that's not enough to rate ToT over Ulduar for me.

    ToT is a huge instance that forces you to progress in one straight path. There's some random cut-scene after you kill council, and then that's it. That's the only interaction you get with the instance's lore before you reach Lei shen. Don't get me wrong, ToT is definitely one of the better instances released in a while, but Ulduar has it beat instance wise, and if you look at tier wise, I still think T11 (Start of Cata) was the best for heroic raiders. All the fights were tough as hell, and all of them were amazing IMO. On a random note, I still think BWD was one of the better done instances storytelling-wise. Nefarian had an amazing VA.

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