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    Quote Originally Posted by Checkem View Post
    That's because it was the first raid with hard modes, ignoring sarth 3D and the bug family trio before that.
    It was also the first big raid that experimented with the limited, creative trash model.(Onyxia, Gruul, Mag, etc. don't count)

    I think that helped immerse people who didn't have the place on farm within the first month, because it struck a balance between trash making the place feel alive and getting to fight bosses frequently enough that you could fully enjoy them as lore figures (and Titan lore was a huge new area for them to open up with it, so perfect timing).

    For all things immersive: Ulduar
    For all things practical: Throne.

    I'm also inclined to throw my vote in with Ulduar, but I'll vote ToT just because I can. It seems to be getting its due respect, but actually showing it doesn't hurt =P

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    None. Icc.....

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    Ulduar. The bosses were all themed so differently, yet were somehow the same to the Raid. It was fun and visually striking. I don't think any Raid has yet to live up to it.

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    I enjoyed the story in Ulduar more than I'm enjoying the story in Throne.
    Not to say that I don't enjoy the ToT story at all...I just don't like it as much.

    Edit: Also, Ulduar was less linear, giving choices. Choices are fun.

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    Throne had some cool looking bosses, like Jin'rokh, and the badass entrance of Horridon was on par with Mimiron. Overall I gotta hand it to Ulduar though, especially lore-wise.

    Am I the only one that misses vehicle battles? I thought Flame Leviathan was epic, annoying trash aside. Catapulting people onto it was pretty sweet.
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    Ulduar, by a mile.
    I run both weekly, Ulduar beats any raid every created for this game (IMO)

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    Never ran Uldy when it was current, but ToT is a really good raid. Has to be the best since Uldy for sure.

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    Throne of thunder is too much of a sewer, i'd go with Ulduar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    I really hated the first half of Ulduar and all this non linear crap is a bit out of place, guilds followed a guide on what boss to kill next... When it came to the keepers for example, you did the easiest one first.
    I guess in your world you don't see anything around you, a boss is a hitbox that drops loot, etc.

    I still like raiding in ToT though, I was bored of Ulduar after a month and didn't look forward to raiding. I know many who were the same, so it's hard to compare an old raid with a lot of nostalgia to a current raid.
    You're right, but with each passing day there will be less people around who experienced ulduar legit, so ToT will push higher and higher.

    I also bet most of the people on this forum only did Ulduar in ICC gear.

    I didn't personally, but even if they did so what? I bet most of the people on this forum will only do ToT with upgraded gear, legendary stage items, and possibly more. Doesn't change anything if the find the same fight the same challenge someone without did due to their lower skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    I also bet most of the people on this forum only did Ulduar in ICC gear.
    This is a bizarre accusation. It doesn't make sense.

    I'm sure there are lots of people didn't raid in Wrath and didn't get to experience Ulduar as current content (in which case they wouldn't be in ICC gear when they did finally step inside), but it's pretty weird to accuse raiders of skipping an entire tier. I'm sure most people wearing ICC gear, aside from a small percentage of new and returning players, previously wore TOC gear, and before that gear from Ulduar, which they entered wearing Naxx gear.

    What else would they do in the time period between Naxx and TOC? Most raids were very anxious to jump in Ulduar when it was released at the time, since feelings towards Naxx were pretty apathetic overall.
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    No matter how you slice it, at this point in time, Ulduar will win, hell, trump it by a landslide because Nostalgia has taken it's grip on Ulduar and won't set in on ToT for some time yet.
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    Ulduar gets a bit of an advantage because it had a very short shelf-life with ToC coming so soon. When you don´t have to farm something for 4 months, it feels better overall. Also helps that ToC was considered to be a very bad raid.

    Ulduar wins for being non-linear. I am still surprised how the devs want to design linear raids, and then still fail miserably at having them progressively harder. Nothing like going out of your way to make a raid linear, then have the 2nd boss be harder than 3-7. If you are going to be so bad at making bosses progressively harder, than just open it up and let the players choose. There are times the devs do need to be Nannys, but when you do do it, make sure you actually accomplish what you want to do. If you can´t, then it is better to be non-nanny.

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    17,961's a tough one, since I didn't see Ulduar when it was CURRENT content, but still in WOTLK and the only boss that really spoke to me as a person was Yogg. I was TERRIFIED of him both as a new player and for the theme of old Gods. Titans and all were cool, but I am much more interested in the story behind the Mogu and Pandaren, slavery and uprisings.

    As for mechanics and backstory and the promise of things to come, I prefer ToT by far. It will probably be my Ulduar in the future.

    I run Ulduar every week on many toons for mogging, and I always wanna rush rush to Yogg to see him and be done...

    The old raid I always enjoy coming back to, is Icecrown Citadel.
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    My bet on how many months Classic will last before players start realizing that it's 14 year old content that won't ever get new development: 5 months

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    Ulduar hands down

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    Ulduar simply has an incredible storyline behind it. Love that place!

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    I haven't been able to raid normal mode ToT due to guild issues so I can't really say on a boss mechanic scale, as I don't count lfr. But as far as story goes I'd go with Ulduar. Sure, Thunder King has an interesting backstory but it's harder to get engaged in fighting him because the only thing he's done during the PRESENT storyline is sit ominously is his magical island. You hear a lot about his history in 5.0 content if you're paying attention, but the fact that he doesn't really do anything in the present other than solidify his position on the isle of thunder hurts him as a villain imo. Where as Yogg Saron is built up as a present threat through Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, a little in Dragonblight and especially in Storm Peaks.

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    Ulduar still wins out, mainly due to the narrative of the place and the story behind it. Overall I think Throne's bosses are better, but setting and lore are superior in Ulduar. Mimiron's facory, Freya's sanctuary, the Descent into Madness, and the iron army outdoors make for better set pieces.

    I wish they could make raids seem more lived in - more like it's an actual stronghold for a big army instead of just a bunch of corridors. Throne was pretty good with the underpits and the earlier halls, but I wish we could have seen more elaborate flesh-shaping laboratories, more machinery, maybe throw in some Titan forges somewhere. Ulduar had the same problem, really, but it was meant to be more of a weird alien prison than a fortress.

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    best use of easy mode/ hard mode mechanics, well most of the boss fights anyway. best overall looking Tier for the classes. atmosphere with the old Titan architecture and that awesome god damn music.

    not nearly as linear and the boss fights themselves were very memorable.

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    Imho the whole ToT artwork (raid and isle) is too rotten,dark, too much brown/grey stuff. I much prefer mogu'shan vaults/palace.

    I'm fond of Ulduars colors, the music, the large halls... Titan architecture just rocks.
    Besides, going down to Vezax with the shattered glass and broken stuff... awesome feeling.

    As far as boss mechanics go: Both raids had annoying encounters and fun ones. I HATED Thorim back in the day.

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    Well, Ulduar was a raid that came together like few others probably ever will so I don't think it's fair to directly compare the two like this. Throne of Thunder is a very good raid in its own right.

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