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    How can I figure out where I am in the Wrathion quest line?

    Hey all,

    I apologize, as I'm sure there are tons of threads floating around concerning the Wrathion quest line; however, I couldn't find a place to ask this particular question and I'm really hoping someone can help!

    Long story short, I stopped playing sometime shortly after 5.1 dropped and just picked back up mid-5.3. Honestly, until I saw stuff about the legendary cloaks, I wasn't even aware of the Wrathion quest line. I just know I did some quests related to "The Black Prince."

    Now, however, I don't have any quests in my quest log that relate to the Wrathion quest line, and I can't figure out where I should go to pick the chain back up. I did the quests that lead to Varian (Alliance) landing in Krasarang Wilds and setting up camp in that area. From what I've read, there's some Wrathion quests that relate to that, as well?

    Anywho, if anyone could give me any tips on where I could go to pick this quest line back up, I know I'm way behind, but I'd really like to try to complete it if at all possible!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    Wow. The first comment on that page is the most helpful thing ever. Thanks!

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    Wrathion is the only quest giver in the quest chain, just go to him and he should have it.

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