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    I don't get it with ToT, I don't find it to be that great.. I think it's a quite normal raid. It doesn't really have anything making it unique. Ulduar was unique from the entrance to the end...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    I don't get it with ToT, I don't find it to be that great.. I think it's a quite normal raid. It doesn't really have anything making it unique. Ulduar was unique from the entrance to the end...
    How far down the rabbit hole you going with that? We get basic enough then all raids are the same, the PvPers will tell you that PvE is all the same to begin with so I'm not sure where your going with this.

    The only unique thing in Ulduar was hard mode switching was going to be a one time deal anyway. There's only so many way's to make activating a hard mode interesting......the weirdest part of the whole argument is that the hard mode switch people seem to have enjoyed was Mimiron's! The least interesting activation in there by a country mile unless your particularly fond of red buttons!

    Hang on....have I just cracked the whole thing? Blizzard need to redesign the hard mode menu option to be a big red button!

    Getting back on track I'm also confused as to why people are banging on about Ulduar being awesome because it wasn't linear. In the real world no one skipped Ignis or Razorscale before killing XT and you wouldn't skip Iron Council in favour of doing Keepers. Ulduar was in reality winged because no guild worth its salt passes up doing easier bosses. Fair play options are nice but it wasn't as if people didn't have a pre determined route to follow when the whole thing went live.

    I'm voting ToT.....purely because I'm bored of everyone's obsession with Ulduar. The only problem with ToT is that it's too brown, the rest of it's been a blast.
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    why would u even put ToT thru the embarassment it is about to receive from this thread? It doesnt even begin to compare with ulduar...

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    The only edge ToT has over Ulduar imo is overall better looking Tier sets.

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    I don't like ToT. I find it boring and too much trash. It's not that nice to look at either. Ulduar on the other hand looks completely awesome and the bosses are fun and more interesting.

    My fav parts of Ulduar is that cool train you ride on to get to Mimiron? and also the place with all the floating pieces of shattered stained glass windows. I also love that awesome stars effect that algalon has when you first engage him
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    ToT - Very cool place, cool bosses, cool ideas, cool music. Over all it is a great raid, but nothing about really defines it for me. All the bosses are fun and all, but none of them push the envelope as far as mechanics go imo(although I like Lei Shen's fight).

    Ulduar - Absolutely love this place. The bosses that aren't supposed to be the strong ones feel like they are just mini bosses there to be in your way just like lower ranks in any titan army are, while the bigger names (keepers/yogg/etc) feel like super bosses that should be difficult to face and are important to the raid's lore. The ulduar hardmode system was the best system imo, but like blizz, has said the possible ways to activate hardmodes will run out eventually and I agree. This exclusive way to do hardmodes makes Ulduar that much better and makes it one of the best raids ever for me (but I don't know if this one would still be true if they continued to use the special hardmode activates in other raids).

    Overall Ulduar > ToT, while ToT is a great raid I don't feel that it was a legendary raid (no kind of pun intended having to do with Uld having legendary and ToT not having one).
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    ulduar was great, lol I remember the guild was hyped and thought it would be a cake walk cause we had the best stuff we could have out of naxx, wrong! lol

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    Lei Shen may be one of the most badass intimidating villains I've seen in WoW, but Yogg is just a BEAST.

    Both raids have beautiful lore and beautiful graphics, but Ulduar wins imho. It's something like Ulduar - 9,5 and ToT - 9,0, you know? It's really close, but the nostalgic feeling behind Ulduar, the anxiety of entering that HUGE place and facing an OLD GOD was just plain amazing.

    And well, Yogg is more terrifying than Lei Shen (eventhough he is AMAZING). Lei Shen is more of a intimidating, bigass thunder-dude and Yogg-Saron is the embodiment of terror and the old god of DEATH ITSELF.

    Still, eventhough it's kinda close, I find Ulduar to be insane!
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    Ulduar, easily wins in my opinion. Great lore, visuals, and bosses. I still remember the first time going down to the entrance to Yogg's room, not really knowing what the heck was going to follow.

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    No contest, Ulduar was a much better raid in every attribute.

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    Ulduar by a country mile

    Is it me or is ToT just depressing to look at its just dank and not what a opulent palace of a emperor should look like

    Ulduar is a feast for the eyes with different rooms that look different while ToT is just dank, gloomy with lightening effects

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    Ulduar had an epic environnement, music and lore wich ToT don't have

    Sorry but where's ToT is located ... ah yes ... that island wich we have done dailies for two weeks and wich we already forgot the name 2 months ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by sily View Post
    Honestly I can point out three things I dislike about ToT:
    1) Insane # of trash mobs
    Flame Leviathan alone had more trash than all of Throne of Thunder. The first few weeks, I died to Ignis's trash, XT's trash (even after it got fixed), other people who were less aware than me died to the trash in the Antechamber, Auriya's trash was kind of cruel but fun, Freya had a hundred or so trash mobs (that could wipe you), Hodir had kind of a lot of trash, Mimiron's trash was hard, Vezax's trash was hard.

    Compared to most older raids, ToT has almost no trash. It is for the most part, really pretty good trash though. I like it when they hint at/prep you for some boss ability with the trash, like Durumu's guys that spawn mini-mazes.

    I like all the bosses of ToT, and I'm really enjoying this tier, but for my money, the story of Ulduar flowed better, and the bosses' place in the story made more sense. And, if I'm going to spend the whole raid climbing, I guess I want to be on top of the thing at the end (like BT or ICC). I know we heard about the Thunder King and the Zandalari a bit in the initial quests, and he's part of the story of Pandaria, it's not like he's just a random end-boss. There is a story there, but Ulduar's just felt better done.

    Downside to Ulduar in my opinion was achievement overload.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    The only edge ToT has over Ulduar imo is overall better looking Tier sets.
    Are you kidding me? T8 Sets are waaaaaay better than T15 Crap.

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    Has everyone forgotten the awful trash in Ulduar now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    Are you kidding me? T8 Sets are waaaaaay better than T15 Crap.
    Both have pretty crap sets imo.

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    Not even a question. Throne of Thunder is a better raid. The fights are more interesting. The lore is more interesting. The zone is beautiful and ominous - exactly what an evil emperor newly risen from the dead would come back to. Ulduar is nice, but just an updated Uldaman.

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    I'd probably say Ulduar, I was having a much better time raiding at that point with an amazing 25 man guild that cleared the place when it was current content (and in reply to a post previously - We killed XT before Ignis and Razor ). ToT's normal difficulty has been a bit overwhelming for my now lowly 10 man guild and have only managed 5/12 so far on normal - It took us 40 wipes before we got Tortos down and yet we 2 shot Mageara... hmm... plus ToT is just a depressing place to look at.

    Also in regards to trash, Ulduar may have had a lot of trash but none of it compares to the trash after Jin to Horridon, it is the most boring uninteresting pain in the ass bit of trash to ever grace WoW imo.
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    Ulduar, arguments have already been posted.

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    Encounters: ToT
    Immersion: Ulduar

    Both are essential elements for a RPG. But, at the end of the day, as far as video games I prefer gameplay over immersion, if I have to pick between the two (and I am choosing to participate in a thread asking me to pick between ToT/Ulduar). I can do other things for immersion / suspension of disbelief.

    Having experienced both as current content I prefer ToT, overall.
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    Dont make me laugh, ofcourse Ulduar. ToT isn't even close.

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