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    Lightbulb Blizz should SCRAP all "Finders"

    I would get rid of the dungeon finder, raid finder, flexible raid finder, and scenario finder for the greater good of WoW and to see server "communities" finally come back.

    Do you agree?
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    The search function is a feature commonly found on most, if not all forums. Users can use it to find already existing topics. This can be handy if the user has a question or an idea that may have already been brought up many, many times before.

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    Nope, and this has been discussed to death, and ultimately as the discussion led to, it would be a bad idea.

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    This would be the first time I would rather have GC then you OP in terms of leading this game thankfully.

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    We have eleventymillion threads already on this topic, homeslice. I recommend you post in one of those.
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