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    Celestial Blessings which one 2 take

    i got my 12 titan rune stones finally but now i am confused which [Celestial Blessings] to get Xuen or Yu`Lon plz help

    do hunters come in casters
    or melle as we use clock same as rouges monks and druids all are agi same stats

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    You get prompted with a message "You aren't a melee DPS" or something similar when you try to take the Xuen challenge.

    So you have to do Yu'lon, which is easy as hell.

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    do yu'lon. but get the dps cloak.

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    I think you come under ranged DPS, which would be Yu'lon.

    It doesn't matter which challenge you complete though as you get access to all cloaks once you're done.

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    i will do it now thx for the help

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    I can confirm (as a hunter with the cloak) that you will do the Yu'lon challenge, but choose the Tigerfang Wrap when you finish the quest.

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    Best to do it on first try. I wiped at 1st try ...1%.. :/

    I found that on my first try he summoned first set of adds when he was around 30%? On my next attempts they appeared just after fight started and then around 50% of his hp. Then he got into his clone mode and I even got 3rd set of adds. Was very annoying.

    Pop all CDs at the start and burn him from behind. When adds spawn kill them asap and continue to attack his back. If done properly you will finish him before he starts making clones. Beware that your cooldowns wont reset after wipe.

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    if only I could say I had the 12 runestones. But a guildy said Yu'lon and just take the tiger cloak afterwards.

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