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    Healing addons

    I am a disc priest and ive usually been pretty Addon less... i have DBM, Vuhdo, bartender4,recount...Im looking for a light addon that shows me boss encounters better, like boss's ability etc...buffs, debuffs ...any ideas on an easy, light one

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    It sounds like you're directly describing DBM. I use BigWigs Bossmods over DBM, it uses less memory and it is less obtrusive in general.

    Outside of that though, the dungeon journal itself describes the abilities well. I would think DBM covers buffs and debuffs well, but you could try BigWigs for something different. Look through DBM's settings and see if it offers different configuration options for the mechanics you're concerned about.

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    It´s worth giving BigWigs a try, imo it´s cleaner and I like the way you can configure the warnings for your interest.

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