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    Which rogue better look...

    in terms of T(1-15) stuffs and holding weapons??? Nightelfs or humans ???Tbh I dont like how looking humans feets and position of weapons (esp. daggers).
    So which one you will raither choose ne or human ???


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    I'm not completely sure, but I did hear that the Night Elves were running out of T(1-15) rogue stuffs, so I guess they better look for some.

    OT: Still Night Elf in my opinion, they generally look pretty good in Rogue gear.
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    Night Elves. Hands down. Humans are one of the worst looking models of all times.

    I was a Night Elf Rogue up until recently and when I switched to Horde I quickly learned that a lot of armor sets that look amazing on Night Elves don't look so hot on my Horde toon. Not to mention how awesome Shadow Meld is with subterfuge. Having an extra vanish every couple of minutes is insane for PVP.

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    Gnome! But seriously Nelf! Has better combat animations thus making you look sexier and plays off on your Mog during combat. Plus Nelf feet are better. Nothing worst then Trolls not being able to wear boots. Humans aren't as bad. But still!

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    Night Elf
    also tier wise IMO: Tier 2 (bloodfang) or Tier 5 (Deathmantle)
    weaponwise: i'm using the normal version of the Spiritsever with the deathmantle set (thought the grey/black ratio looked nice)

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    night elf, humans look terrible in every regard.
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    Every gear set looks good on dwarfs, with an exception of non-rogue-leather-sets, aka Druid sets that were never adjusted to the long beards of dwarfs.

    Holds and swings weapons awesomly aswell
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    night elf (female), male looks terrible.

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    Humans. Night elves are ugly as sin. Humans can be decent looking if you actually know how to make one... male or female. The MMO that gets the worst human model title is easily SWTOR.
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    Night Elf males look terrible in everything.

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