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    Which Healer class do you find most fun to play and why?

    Having played healer classes for many years now, i wanted to know what you guys find the most entertaining healing class in raids is and why?

    For me, i'd have to say Monk as its such an unsual playstyle and so fun to move quickly across the raid while healing with torpedo

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    Right now I'd say Monk as well (high mobility, great output and it's fun to add some damage, plus not to mention I can actually do my dailies in my healing spec).

    But I've always enjoyed my resto druid and they look even more interesting in 5.4.

    Ranking them in order of fun for me would be

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    For what I played most fun would be Shaman followed by Disc Priest, Resto Druid and Holy Pala.I find Pala healing very cluncky no idea why though...
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    I liked my druid until WotLK when my raid wanted to turn me into a turret.

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    I've played every healing class at some point and every healing spec and most of them in both a PvE and PvP setting.

    I've swapped mains a few times but normally I've gone back and forth between discipline priest and resto druid.

    My personal ranking would be:
    Disc Priest>Monk>Resto Druid=Holy Pally>Holy Priest>Resto Shaman

    I used to love holy on my priest but lately it's been incredibly clunky to me.

    The reason I love priests so much is the fact that I can switch between healing specs if I need/want to, the incredible size of their healing toolbox, and with discipline, the fact that I have a ton of utility and damage I can put out at the same time I'm healing.

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    My druid and always my druid, Been druid since late vanilla and never locked back, it has the most fun melee/tank/range and healer builds for me. no idea why they just are. Other healers i tend to get bored of super easy.. i got a monk at level 90 its healing is good dont get me wrong but.. i always like my druid more :P druid is my baby xD

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    My Shaman! I love TOTEMS!

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    Priest. Because priest can heal everything, everywhere, and still he has lots of utility and most fun gameplay. Seconded by holy pala/fistweawer.
    Something like this: Priest >>>>>> Hpala=Monk >>> Rsham >> Rdruid.
    Resto shaman are nice, but their spells are clunky, and healing process on rdruid can make you fell asleep because of boredomness any second.

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    For me its Disc priest, I will never play any of my other healers again, atonement is just too much fun.

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    i like monk the most, maybe because its new, but its my favorite healer by far right now, as soon as i got my monk to 90 it sort of became my main.
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    My monk, it is such a a different healing experience, I used to be a druid and overall it is a really fun spec to play. In pvp it must be the funnest healing spec.
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    Hmm, a poll could've come in handy, but I think i'm gonna go with disc priest.
    Recently started playing one and it seems fun.

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    Paladin, but that's mostly because I started with that one.
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    I've only tried shaman and paladin, I like the shaman better.
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    Shaman, Shaman, Shaman!!! I made a restosham at the WoTLK that used to just spam chain heal and top meters I never had so much fun healing ever since that time but I jus fell in love with the role, I tried all the other classes but they didn't feel as flexible as a resto sham, having a mix of brute heals and HoTs with earthliving weapon, the only bad side IMO is their mastery
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Druid played it for years.

    Having played disc/holy since wotlk and in this expansion holy paladin, right now id say holy paladin is the most fun because of all of the different things you can do, right now druid is exactly the same as in WOTLK where i just spam rejuvenation, and cast wildgrowth/swiftmend on cooldown, 5.4 will change that a bit though which is exciting!

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    resto shaman in patch 2.4

    that shit was comPLEX.


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    My main was retribution during BC, but when Wrath came so did all the healing gear. Been Holy ever since and just loved healing on my pally.

    After getting my femda (female panderen) to 90 and healing endgame content, I have to say that Monks are extremely fun to play, especially Chi Torpedo <3.
    I find Holy priest to be fun as well, and I found Life Grip to be a nice replacement for my paladin's Divine Intervention. R.I.P, D.I.

    Resto druids are fun but not as fun as the other three specs, resto shamans seem too limited and slow, and disc priest I find just boring and unplayable.
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    I play a holy paladin. I used to like the playstyle before this expansion. Now that we're mastery based, I hate the 2+ second cast times (unless you get an infusion proc).

    That being said, I play all the healing classes and to me, the monk is by far the most fun.
    You have HIGH mobility, great defensives, and with the META gem - amazing regen and great tank/raid throughput (yes, I said tank).

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