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    New Pali here: Addons?

    So as the title reads, I am new to this class. I'm playing Ret and even a scroll of resurrection toon, so I'm level 81 and only played for one night. I am looking for an addon one may recommend to better track my HP, and perhaps Inq. uptime among other uptimes I may find useful over the weekend as I level a total of 10 levels. I used to use Power Auras back when but it seems to no longer function? All feedback is helpful, thanks.

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    Weak Auras is similar to Power Auras, but it can do a lot more. Revvo has weak auras for all of the major ret stuff here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...onal-Weakauras

    If you're wanting to play prot (a lot of us offspec it, because you can use a lot of the same gear), Clampy has a set up for prot that's really nice using weak auras. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...din-Aura-Group

    Personally, I use AZ Castbar (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/az-cast-bar) and the paladin plug ins (http://www.wowinterface.com/download...arPlugins.html).

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    I'll have to try them out tonight. You guys rock!

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    I have all already but clcret, wutdis?

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    weakauras is similar to power auras so if you liked power auras, you should like weakauras. weakauras also has significantly more options and customizations. you could use weakauras alone to do everything you're asking.

    i prefer to use weakauras for spell cooldowns or tracking icd's instead of tracking buff durations or combo points/holy power/chi, etc. for for tracking buff durations i prefer either fortexorcist or needtoknow. for tracking combo points/holy power/chi, etc, i use vex power.

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    I have all already but clcret, wutdis?
    clc ret is a rotation helper. it displays the spell that should be cast next based on the priority list that you set. i don't use it as the priority list is simple enough to know myself and i'm already tracking my holy power and inquisition so it doesn't need to get much easier. clc ret is just unnecessary clutter on your screen imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volant View Post
    I have all already but clcret, wutdis?
    It's a "rotation suggester" that basically tells you which of your abilities will come off CD next, and ergo what to press. You can set it up to your preferred priority, and it will say "J is off CD in 1.4 sec, but CS is up in 0.8, so hit CS, then J" via pictures.

    I use CLCInfo, which is a bit more coding intensive. I don't use the rotation suggestor, but I've adapted the tracking system to follow and alert me to all of my procs/CDs/ICDs, etc. I use it like weakaura's, basically, but it can also output the rotational stuff if you want/need it.
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    Oh ok right on. Sounds like over kill. I'm already thinking of removing my spell flash for Ret as it does seem to be quite easy. Given 1 min Inq's I'm second guessing even needing a tracker in 5.4, lol.

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