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    I got into it the first wave of invites, and I love it. I've been waiting for and asking them to do this since sc2 came out..

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    Any idea if they implemented OFFLINE Mode yet ? (as in you appear ofline to ppl on your list) Thanks !
    How did he die ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaxxar View Post
    As long as it doesn't screw up my Battlenet account or the cilents I have for my games I'm going to be ok with it.
    Oh and it kinda reminds me of Steam for a few things to, and it would be interesting to if Blizzard put on the Blizzard Store and had some things you could buy on there and then you could redeem it on your games.
    So far the two main sections are 'Games' and 'News'. I sort of doubt that it will get out as a launch build without the store in it.

    There are also dedicated links under the Blizzard icon to Account Management and Support as well as something for Settings, Sign Out and Exit. Nothing yet specifically for the store but the usual news links that end up on Blizzard's front page are there and clicking on them can take you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowcharm View Post
    Any idea if they implemented OFFLINE Mode yet ? (as in you appear ofline to ppl on your list) Thanks !
    Not that I can see. Still really early yet. As has been mentioned earlier, chat is missing as well as a lot of other basic stuff. Probably will be along when it comes along.
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    Got it yesterday ! I think it's cool so far and it also handles the PTR which is really nice !

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