CURRENTLY RECRUITING- Spot opening for a Parsing dps Ele shaman/Warrior/DK preferred

Raid Times:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 12:00 CST

Burning Sensations is always looking for exceptional applicants. We are a long standing presence in the Korgath community, having raided since the beginning of The Burning Crusade, and we've fully cleared TBC, WOTLK and Cata before major nerfs. We have a strong core and are looking to polish off the ranks so we can continue to clear content at a competitive pace in the 10 man setting. We prefer to maintain a small raid roster of no more than 11-12 players. No one wants to sit the bench and we don't like sitting people.

As a member of Burning Sensations you can expect a strong sense of community and competitive, guild-based PvP. We will also be taking very active stance in the rated battleground scene as we have a strong group of players who enjoy PvP and take it seriously. We are looking for players skilled in both PvE and the PvP settings but we will take people who focus on one aspect or the other.

Alts are not required, but we welcome them.

Glory of the Raider
Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Glory of the Icecrown Raider
Alone in the Darkness
Tribute to Insanity
The Light of Dawn
Defender of a Shattered World
Blackwing's Bane
Of the Four Winds
Savior of Azeroth
Delver of the Vaults
Realm First! Will of The Emperor
Glory of the Pandaria Raider
Realm First! Ra-den


We expect all applicants to be incredibly knowledgeable regarding their class. Given our preference for a very small raid roster it is a HUGE plus if you can play multiple specs/roles. We much prefer to have people switch specs for a fight to sitting them out for another player. However, it's important that you are as proficient in your off-spec as you are your main spec or it doesn't benefit anyone. We are willing to use alts if they are geared and you're capable of playing it well.

We expect all applicants to be prepared to raid. This includes, but is not limited to: Enchants, gems, max level professions, flasks, 300 stat food, pots (you WILL be expected to pre-pot even as a heal/tank).

We expect all applicants to have computers and connections capable of handling the game.
While it may not be in your direct control we will not accept applicants who cannot function in a high visual activity encounter or applicants who constantly disconnect.

We expect all applicants to have high raid awareness. High dps/hps is important but only when it can last the duration of the fight and not spend half the fight spectating from the floor.

We expect all applicants to maintain high raid attendance. This means being on time to the raid as well. Many of us are older and have jobs/families. We know things come up and we won't hold it against you, but we simply can't afford to recruit players who miss 2 of our 4 raids days.

To Apply:*

Contact me at moshrooms#1279