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    Heroic Ra-Den Hunter POV

    someone watching request song, i got trolled, besides that 1 shot it

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    Quote Originally Posted by asdfsaf View Post
    nobody cares
    You cared enough to post anything at all

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    i care insofar that i find these threads needless and annoying

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    Gives players who haven't done the fight before an idea of how to play a Hunter on the specific encounter, along with avoiding any mistakes that may have been made.
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    Is there a version without the terrible song and maybe someone talking about what they're actually doing?

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    Just gonna go ahead and close this as it has no real relevance to... Anything. If people want to see a hunter PoV of Ra Den, they can go to wowprogress and edit the criteria for it: http://www.wowprogress.com/encounter...o=hunter&spec=

    A few pointers:
    Your video gives us no information about anything. The encounter has been "public" for months, everyone knows everything there is to see about it. A video from a specific PoV isn't really of interest to anyone at this point unless it goes into detail with the fight for that specific class - and You give us zero input in anything that any hunter could relate to on this fight. It's just you making grunting noises. Nothing is explained, no "tips" are given (target macro's for anima orbs, best burst cycle for orbs, etc).

    Along with that, your playstyle is "allright", but there's still quite a few errors you're making, such as:
    Putting up serpent stings on the orbs when they die before you even get a third tick off. Just... Why? Even as Surv, serpent stinging them is questionable.
    Your target switching and damage done to the orbs is extremely bad. Your other hunter might be below you on the DPS meter, but he's got the tactics right, beating you by about a million on the balls.
    You're using Dire Beast, which, obviously, is a "singletarget" increase, but it's absolutely horrible for the balls. Fervor provides you with far more ball-burst, which is what the encounter is about.

    In the end, I'm not sure what you expected from posting this video - no input, nothing but you making odd noises in P2 and doing halfdecent damage at the sacrifice of ignoring mechanics, made possible through extreme class stacking (4 spriests, seriously o.o? How did anyone DIE in p2), and your poor retribution paladin trying to pick up the slack with his wrath-symbiosis <.<.

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