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    Tekkit Classic looking for Administrators

    BossCraft Tekkit Classic server is currently looking for new administration. Please note this server is currently White-listed and we will be speaking over Skype in the mean time.

    Administrative position application for BossCraft

    Experience (How many servers and what roles "Please list the servers if possible or references"):
    Time played on BossCraft:
    Time(s) YOU are available to be on the server:
    Time zone:
    Please explain why we should choose you as an administrator for our server:
    Do you speak any other language?:

    MUST be at least 18 years old for maturity reasons.
    Good or great use of grammar and punctuation.
    MUST have Skype. (Google it and get an account if you don't)
    MUST enjoy playing legit and not always in God Mode.
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    experience 2 servers admin on both

    time played never played sorry

    available during night and sometimes day

    time zone Australia

    I will be a good admin I will not disobey rules and I am mature

    I speak English

    please choose me for your server thank you Skype name:Pumpkin Person

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