Let me start off with I'm sorry if this is the wrong area to post this, best spot I could find though :x Figured bagnon would be considered a Interface add-on?

But onto the problem, recently I've been having more issues with bagnon with each update, a few being

1) Opening it in combat causes a few seconds of a frozen screen, then the bags open, and it seems like bagnon just crashes basically. Won't let me close my bags (Except with Esc), and then they won't open any through any means except a /reload.

2) One time tried viewing an item someone linked in guild chat, bagnon kept checking my bags for it instead of letting me see the item... I'd click the item, bags pop open with the item typed in the search bar...(Saw someone said this is a feature that was added with a button combination, didn't press anything in addition with a click though, might be a WoW issue itself though, registering my button being pressed)

3) The final one, last night I was raiding, and every time I opened my bags, Bagnon's memory usage would increase by .1 MB. Trivial at first, but as you can imagine, ramps up to crazy amounts if forgotten. I was fiddling with opening my bags to see if it would stop, went from like, 900kbs to around 3MBs before I just decided to disable it for the night.

Now, my questions are, am I the only one with these issues? Is it being caused in conjunction with another add-on possibly? Should I just ditch bagnon, and is there a good alternative that is similar to bagnon?

Thanks for any help!